Gilbert Speaks on HBO’s The Baby

Not everyone is into motherhood. Some women prefer to be childless, but strange things begin to happen to Natasha after a baby literally falls out of the sky. Who is this baby…or better yet, what?

The Baby

The Baby is a British horror comedy created by Lucy Gaymer and Sian Robins-Grace. This limited series stars Michelle de Swarte, Amira Ghazalla, Amber Grappy, Shvorne Marks, Isy Suttie, and Albie and Arthur Hills as the Baby. In an era when over population and global warming is a logical path towards population control in most countries, here is the states, we have draconian laws being passed that will not only force women to bear children they don’t want, but also charge them with the crime of murder if they seek an abortion. Crazy right, and yet here we are. The Baby is a timely message on the never-ending sacrifices a woman makes after deciding to have a child.

Michelle de Swarte plays the part of Natasha, a 38-year-old woman who is dealing with the life changes she is noticing in her friends at their weekly poker game. The friendly banter over drinks and cards is put on hold when her friend Mags (Shvorne Marks) constantly interrupts the game to care for her baby. Natasha’s other poker playing friend picks that night to tell Natasha that she wants to adopt a baby.

Natasha is upset and behaves badly towards her friends. Natasha has issues which most likely stem from her and her sister Bobbi (Amber Grappy) being abandoned at a young age by their mother. Natasha is a free spirit with no desire to be tied down, but the universe has different plans, and everything changes when Natasha goes on a solo vacation. While staying at a cozy cabin, events happen that lead to several grizzly deaths and a baby dropping from a cliff and into Natasha’s arms.

The Baby

The child actor played by twins Albie and Arthur Hills is as cute as a button, but even though Natasha does everything possible to return the baby to the proper authorities, the baby has other plans, some of which involve strange deaths, and the ability to just show up at Natasha’s door. Is this child the Antichrist? Why did it choose Natasha? There is one person who has some of the answers. Mrs. Eaves (Amira Ghazalla) lives in her car, knows a lot about the baby, but most importantly wants the baby dead via The Omen method.


Babies are adorable, and who wouldn’t want a baby, right? But the duties of motherhood are a 24/7 caregiving job that leaves a woman both mentally and physically exhausted. Therefore, a large percentage of women choose not to go the baby carriage route. It’s their choice, after all, and don’t forget that the world is already overpopulated. At least there is birth control to prevent a pregnancy, and if that fails, abortion. Why bring an unwanted child into the world? We’ve seen the results…the horrors of the foster care system…the news articles about child abuse at the hands of a parent. Not every child is welcomed.

The Baby is a smart critique of motherhood while adding just the right amount of horror. I am absolutely hooked on the series. Who is this baby? Where did it come from? What is its purpose? Will Natasha be able to rid herself of this pint-sized serial killer?

You can watch The Baby on HBO and HBO Max…. and make sure you get out and Vote Blue in November. The GOP controlled Supreme Court is intent on turning America into a real Handmaid’s Tale nightmare.

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