The bell tolls for Civil War II in the Wednesday Run

Today brings the release of what has to be considered one of the most anticlimactic event series in years, as Marvel’s Civil War II comes to its conclusion.


Civil War II #8
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated by: David Marquez
Marvel Comics

There’s no question that Civil War II has had a lot to live up. The first series, crafted by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, is a classic piece of sequential storytelling, and its repercussions were felt for the decade that followed it. Anything that would follow would certainly have to deliver something memorable and groundbreaking. 

Sadly, Civil War II hasn’t been it. While the idealistic battle over an Inhuman with the power to predict the future (Captain Marvel believes its a force for good, while Iron Man argues that the future is and should be unpredictable) was in theory a good story, apart from a few pivotal early moments (Hawkeye’s killing of Bruce Banner being the most notable), Civil War II hasn’t been terribly exciting. Following the massive Secret Wars event story that Jonathan Hickman brilliantly plotted, Brian Michael Bendis’ story feels small and, sadly, almost inconsequential.

Which brings us to the series conclusion that hit digital and stores today. It picks up where the previous issue left off, with Captain Marvel delivering what appears to be a fatal blow to Iron Man. Will Tony Stark survive? How will the story end?

For better for worse, the war ends here, and sets the stage for the Marvel Universe to come, thus making it the obvious pick for this week’s Wednesday Run.

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