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Check Off Your Fabulist Box & Check Out “One Week in The Library” On The Wednesday Run

one-week-in-the-libraryEvery once in a while, there’s a comic book released – seemingly from out of nowhere – that inexplicably grabs your attention.

You may not know much about the writer, or the artist, or their oeuvre of work, but the write up for the release ticks off all of the boxes that make you itch.




Ah! Comic books! Is there nothing you can’t do?

Today sees the release of not just any comic book – but the original graphic novel called One Week In The Library!


(More in-depth information can be found after the jump!)

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Preacher + The People v O.J. Simpson Blu-ray/DVD sets

There have been some outstanding television series this year, and there have been some duds to boot. For this installment of our Holiday Gift Guide, I’m recommending two very different shows, both of which are worth watching for various reasons.


We kick things off with Preacher, the 10-episode adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon Vertigo comic book series that should have been, for all intents and purposes, totally unfilmable. The series, which ran for 65 issues, was about a preacher named Jesse Custer who becomes possessed by the offspring of a demon and an angel. Imbued with the word of God, Custer hits the road with his hit girl girlfriend Tulip and new best buddy, the Irish vampire Cassidy. Preacher, the comic book, is full of sacrilege, sex, sodomy and lots of fun stuff that you’d be hard-pressed to see on television.

So rather than put it all out there, show developers Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Sam Caitlin attempt to find a balancing act between the depraved and digestible. Read the rest of this entry

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