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The Flash S03 E09: “The Present”


The Dominion invasion is over. The heroes have gone home to their home cities and/or home dimensions. The Flash has had a brief intermission from both Savitar and Doctor Alchemy, but that’s about to change with this episode. A visit to Earth-Two to see Jay Garrick is probably the best present I can think of for the holiday break, but there’s more, good and bad on its way. Meet me after the super-speed extra-dimensional jump, for my thoughts on “The Present.”

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Playstation VR + Games

Back in September we wrote about the pretty spectacular Playstation VR – imagine entering the world of a video game, and letting it fully immerse you, sight and sound (I suppose we’re still waiting on smell, which may or may not be a good thing). Playstation VR is a perfect and, in context, a reasonably priced entry way into experiencing what is in all likelihood the future of gaming.


Playstation VR is now available for purchase – if you get the Launch Bundle version, you’ll receive the headset, two move controllers, and Playstation Camera. You’ll also receive the VR Worlds game, allowing you to taste the breadth of experience that comes with virtual reality. It’s hard to find though, but you can find the Playstation VR Core Edition and build up from there.

Playstation also made sure that there was a large assortment of games and add-ons that would be available at launch and slightly post, so it’s not as if you’re stuck with five or six titles at a time. Some of the ones we’d suggest:

Batman: Arkham VR

This is probably the best game of the bunch we’ve played. You want to be Batman? Well, in this game from Warner Brothers you put on the cowl as you work to uncover who killed one of your closest allies. This game isn’t about fighting; it’s about solving a mystery. It’s a short game, roughly an hour or so, but as far as an experience living out the dream of being the Bat, this game is it.

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The Ten Percent: MST3K


“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” – Theodore Sturgeon

Hello, and welcome back for another installment of “The Ten Percent”, the bi-weekly column here at Biff Bam Pop! where K. Dale Koontz and I take a look at the inverse of Sturgeon’s Law (quoted above) and examine the cultural productions that fall in that elusive 10% of things that are not crud. The Ten Percent is the place where all of the films, TV shows, comics, novels, visual arts, etc. that stand the test of time live. These are the things that are not forgotten, and continue to inspire us generation after generation and decade after decade.

Yet the 90% is comprised of a hell of a lot of (generally forgettable) stuff, and in the modern era, more and more of it has been and is being preserved for some theoretical posterity. In a way, the crud becomes grist for the larger cultural mill, and that means that – in theory at least – it should be possible to take some of the 90% and transform it into a part of the Ten Percent. This is exactly what Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) did from 1988 – 1999, and threatens to do once again when it returns in 2017 with a new season and a cast featuring geek royalty Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day.
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