The Librarians S03 E06: And the Trial of the Triangle


In this week’s episode of The Librarians, Flynn falls down the rabbit hole and learns that if you tell the truth, you won’t get a lance to the gut.

The Basic Trial

After staging an unsuccessful personality intervention with Flynn, the gang flies into the worm hole that is the Bermuda Triangle in search of the Eye of Ra. When Flynn decides to proceed towards the goal solo, he encounters a Wonderland of self-discovery and truth.

Travel Trials

The previous week’s preview emphasized an Alice in Wonderland theme, so I must admit that when the first ten minutes passed and we weren’t in any form of Wonderland yet, I felt a little let down. Soon however, I learned to never doubt The Librarians and their ability to delight and entertain me, even if an episode isn’t what I originally expected.

As a frequenter of airports, I appreciated the travel scenes in this episode. The airport fight between Flynn and Eve that started out as fake, spiraled into real life bickering, and ended with declarations of love, complete with an epic kiss, highlighted Noah Wyle’s script writing skills.


There were extra details that generated lots of smiles. Adding a Star Trek quote in an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes, a Star Trek alum actor (yes, I do realize the quote and Frakes are in different Star Trek series) was a nice nod to the geeks watching. Flynn hypnotizing the plane passengers into thinking they are pigs, gave a whole new meaning to the term, “when pigs fly.”

Trial by Chess Board

After setting out to obtain The Eye of Ra on his own, Flynn finds himself in a riddle filled, though oddly familiar, version of Alice’s Wonderland.

My first introduction to Wonderland was the 1985, star studded, bonkers, made for television version of Alice in Wonderland. I think that version influenced me to believe the weirder the Wonderland, the better. The Librarians’ version delivers plenty of weird, with the glee of seeing the gang decked out as some favorite Wonderland characters.

Jenkins makes a handsome knight, as does Jake, but Cassie is absolutely stunning, and really steals the show as The Red Queen.The make-up, that incredible dress, and oh that hair! I had total costume envy.


Of course was there really any question that Ezekiel would emerge as the Mad Hatter?


In order to survive the challenges and emerge with The Eye of Ra, Flynn must dig deep within and admit the truth about himself. Honesty prevails and Flynn divulges that much of his desire for solitude and his showy arrogance, are due to his fear of getting close to others in an attempt to avoid getting hurt. Flynn finally discovers the importance of having the team beside him.

A Permanent End to Flynn’s Trials?

Flynn is gifted The Eye of Ra by former Librarian Teddy Chislington. Teddy warns Flynn that The Eye of Ra will require a sacrifice, a human sacrifice. I’m sure we all can see where this is going, and well …sigh… Flynn has already decided that the human sacrifice will be himself. So, either The Librarians’ future will be Flynn-less, or teamwork, magic, and/or love will find a way to save our beloved Flynn Carsen. Maybe saving Flynn is part of Eve’s important destiny.

Next week it appears everyone falls into adoration with a girl named Cindy. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of the gang does not fall under Cindy’s spell (most likely literally).


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  1. I could live with Flynn being less annoying, or less of Flynn!
    And Cassandra, what is there left to say about Cassandra? Yummm! 😀

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