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True Crime Corner: Joel Rifkin


Part of the fascinating A&E show The Killing Season focuses on unsolved murders attributed to the still unknown Long Island Serial Killer, referred to as LISK. Did you know that years before this there was another Long Island serial killer? This week on True Crime Corner—who is Joel Rifkin?

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For the “Hamilton” Fans In Your Life


Merry Christmas! Look, if you’re one of the high class tastemakers that visits BBP regularly, you’ve likely got friends and family who are fans of the single greatest musical to hit the stage since Webber decided to put dancers in cat suits. And by that, I mean Hamilton: an American Musical.

But once they’ve stepped across the threshold of artistic genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical about the founding father without a father, what the heck are you going to get them?

Hold onto your tricorn, friends, because after the jump, we delve into the perfect gift list for the Hamilhead in your life.

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The Librarians S03 E03: And the Reunion of Evil

We take a break from the god of chaos and get into a little primeval chaos as we party with the Frost Giants on this week’s episode of The Librarians.


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