Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for the Studio Ghibli Lover

They’ve watched the films multiple times.  They get excited at the mention of cats, umbrellas, and planes. They are actively saving up for a trip to Japan. They’ll debate with you over the pronunciation of Ghibli. All of these are signs that you know a Studio Ghibli lover, so why not get them a gift that they will love as much as Ponyo loves ham?


Things to Wear

Whether it’s cosplay or everyday, it’s always fun to wear your fandom.


1) Nausicaa Skater Dress from Wands and Wishes Etsy Shop 

2) Castle in the Sky Charm from kingdomclud Etsy Shop

3) Jiji knit beanie from Hot Topic 

4) Ponyo’s Ham Shack t-shirt from Teefury

For the Home

Declarations of Studio Ghibli love for the place where you lay your head.

ghibli-home5) Totoro Bento Containers and towel from

6) Howl’s Castle Candle from OldGlowCandles Etsy shop  

7) Arrietty Music Box from

For the Jetsetter

Useful items for the Ghibli lover’s future trip to Japan.


8) Ghibli themed zipper bags from devilsbakery Etsy shop 

9) Haku neck pillow from

10) Studio Ghibli character tote bag from BluePotionUK Etsy shop

Whether they wear it, carry it , or set it on a table, there is something creative and fun available to give to your favorite Studio Ghibli lover.



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