The Exorcist S01 E09: “162”


After too many weeks, The Exorcist is back. Quite a few characters were killed off. Did any of your favorites meet their demise?

This episode opens with Chris’s corpse being removed from the Rance home. Last week Angela broke her mother’s neck and watched her tumble down the stairs, coming to a stop on the landing. The police questioned Angela, who denied any involvement in Chris’s death. She maintained that she merely found her in that condition. The police chief who ingested the cremains during the ash ceremony realizes what Angela is when she touches his hand. When they connect, she remembers how the demon was able to possess her for the second time. She was cradling Casey during the exorcism, and pleaded for the demon to take her instead, and leave her daughter alone. When the police chief recognizes Angela as one of his own, he abruptly ends the questioning and ushers the detective out of the home with him.

When the authorities leave, Angela suggests that the family retrieve Casey. On the return home, they walk the young woman past a shrine on the Rance property, in honor of the grandmother she never knew.

Marcus has a rendezvous with Lester and Cherry in the confines of their van. The couple has taken pictures of Brother Simon and Maria Walters during their stakeout. Marcus knew about Simon, as he was a priest counselor at St. Aquinas. Father Bennett had Simon follow Marcus. If Bennett was kidnapped and tortured, odds are good that he gave up a lot of information. Marcus advises his friends to leave town as soon as possible.

Father Tomas is present for the first Rance Family dinner which includes Casey after her ordeal. Tomas asks Henry about their plans to move, and he offers that they are considering Canada for their new home. Angela chimes in that maybe they should stay in Chicago, even though the idea to relocate was hers. As for the priest, he intends to devote more attention to his parish, as he feels he has neglected St. Anthony’s. Casey remains silent throughout the meal.

After dinner, Henry is on the couch when Tomas asks him how he is feeling. Henry tells him that he has good days and bad days. Tomas tells him that he believes God spoke through Henry, as he reminded him that it was only through his help that he made contact with Marcus. Henry shows the priest a legal pad with the number 162 written all over the page. He explains that since he had his accident, he hears low voices repeating “162.” Tomas isn’t aware of any significance. (We find out later that it references the page in Chris’s book The Devil In My Daughter). As they are in conversation, a well-dressed Angela announces that she is leaving for the hotel.

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Lester and Cherry continue surveillance of Simon and Marie Walters, who are meeting with the police chief to go over the pope’s parade plan. Lester is startled by Simon’s third eye and tells Cherry to drive away.

Meanwhile, Angela joins the papal planning committee, and is introduced by the police chief.  They know Angela as Pazuzu, the demon now possessing her. Simon wants to be in charge of the committee. Angela disagrees and brings Simon and others to their knees to show them who’s boss. Maria Walters isn’t familiar with the newcomer who insults her by telling her she was never chosen because she doesn’t smell like power, only desperation and mediocrity.

As for Tomas, his superior tells him that he is to receive a promotion and will lead St. Bridget’s parish, while St. Anthony’s will be shuttered. The young priest doesn’t feel he deserves the honor, as he has sinned. It turns out the church is aware of his indiscretion with a married woman, and they will handle it on their end if he will deal with Jessica. Tomas tells his lover about his promotion and finally cuts her loose.

Marcus breaks into Tomas’s office, rifling through his things, and Tomas tells him about his change in parishes. Marcus tells him to watch his back in light of that recent development, and sees that he has received a text, a photo of Simon with the mysterious third eye.

Casey remains quiet since she has returned to the family. She rebuffs her older sister’s attempt at conversation, instead ruminating on the ambulance incident. She believes it was her fault, but Kat tries to convince her otherwise.

Concerned by the photo he received on his phone, Marcus rushes to the mobile home of the tour guides, only to find them dead, riddled with bullets. Marcus leaves with the weapon and bullets he found in a box.

Angela visits Bernadette bearing a tasty offering under the guise of thanking her for help in saving Casey. The wise woman recognizes Angela for the demon she is, telling her she should have been killed the first time she was possessed. Insulted, Angela uses her demonic power to snap Bernadette’s neck without touching her. She’s munching on the food she brought as the nuns enter to find the old woman dead. Marcus will later find the bodies of Bernadette and the nuns.

Exorcist Season 1 109

Angela returns home and attempts to seduce Henry but he has to stop her from choking him, too. He’s shaken as he realizes there is something wrong with his wife.

Casey peeks into Kat’s room to see Angela sitting on her bed, and she’s troubled by how her mother is caressing her sister. Insisting that the couch is uncomfortable, she tells her mother that she will sleep in Kat’s room in an effort to force Angela to leave.

Following a party thrown the night before the pope’s arrival, Simon is alone in his hotel room when Marcus forces his way in, demanding to know if he killed anyone. Simon confesses to the murders of his tour guide friends, but tells him that the blood of Bernadette and the nuns belongs to Angela. Marcus is in disbelief at this turn of events when Simon’s henchmen overpower and restrain him.

Casey knows Pazuzu has overtaken her mother, and one night she attempts to leave the house with Kat and Henry. Angela uses her power to slam the door shut, preventing their escape and calls a family meeting. She explains to them that she isn’t possessed, but is instead integrated, which we know from an earlier episode is a permanent condition. She also says that the demons are planning to take over. Upset by her family’s disobedience, she incapacitates Henry, and chokes Casey while Kat is helpless to do much more than witness the spectacle. Just when it looks like Angela is about to kill her own child, Tomas arrives to intervene just in time.

Exorcist Season 1 109

As always, I can’t wait for the next episode. Stay tuned.

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