The Saga Continues in Saga #19 On The Wednesday Run

Star Wars. The Last Starfighter. Dredstar. Warlord. Atari Force. Epic Illustrated.

These are just a few of the comic book and pop culture sagas and mythologies that I remember very, very fondly from my youth. You can imagine the excitement of people who share the same sort of enthusiasm for science fiction and fantasy when it was announced that fan-favourite writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y the Last Man) was writing a new monthly series, appropriately called Saga. It was to be a storythat touched upon all of those previous remembrances.

Now, after a (long) two-month break, this now-beloved story continues in Saga #19 – a beginning of its fourth storyline arc.

Saga 19 coverSaga #19

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Illustrated by: Fiona Staples

Published by: Image Comics

Just over two years ago in this very column, I called the Hugo-award winning Saga a “history in the making” mainly due in part to the series’ inherent motivation to incorporate so many different elements in one coherent story. You can read that particular column here. Brian K. Vaughan, along with the amazing visual talents of artist Fiona Staples, has done exactly that.

We’ve seen flying rocket ship trees, giants with balls-lying low, baby-sitting ghosts with entrails hanging out, a lying cat, a robot prince with sex on his mind, and a libertarian Cyclops romance novelist, to start!


Any other series, under any other creative people, and readers would be all “What the eff???”

But with Saga, it works. It truly is like nothing you’ve ever read or seen before. Hence all of the sell-out issues, I imagine.

At the end of issue #18, baby Hazel, who is also the narrator of the series (as she details how her parents met and raised her through a series of far-flung adventures), just so happened to take her first steps. Any parent can sympathize over eh emotional impact. Well, flash-forward a few years and that’s where Saga #19 begins. It’s a great entry point for new readers.

What’s that? You haven’t read the first three arcs yet? No worries. There are paperbacks compilations to get you caught up. I highly recommend them. Here, let me give you a helping hand.

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Saga #19 today. Adventure with all of us fans again!

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