Godzilla Roars On The Wednesday Run

Maybe I’m a little too excited.

To be honest, I never thought I’d ever be this enthusiastic about a monster movie. But Godzilla is no ordinary monster. And if you’ve seen director Gareth Edwards feature-length debut, aptly titled Monsters, you’ll know that this version of Godzilla is no ordinary monster movie.

But first things first: a prequel story, in comic book form, that leads into next week’s sure-fire summer blockbuster.

Ladies and gentlemen and giant monster lovers, I give you…Godzilla: Awakening!

Godzilla coverGodzilla: Awakening H/C

Written by: Max and Greg Borenstein

Illustrated by: Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet, Alan Quah, Lee Loughridge

Published by: Vertigo Comics & Legendary Comics

You’ve seen the Godzilla movie trailer, right? Right???

No worries if you haven’t. It can be found here.

So, in the film’s trailers, there are (non discrete) hints that mankind tried to destroy the monster during the middle of the twentieth century. Those weren’t nuclear tests in the Pacific, after all!

Written by Max Borenstein (who wrote the script for the film), along with Greg Borenstein, Godzilla: Awakening is an 80-page hardcover prequel to Godzilla the movie. Here is the dawn of the atomic age, wherein humanity stirs life forms that it can neither comprehend nor control!

Thar be kaiju here! Hell, thar be daikaiju!

Godzilla: Awakening, co-published by Legendary Comics and Vertigo Comics (the sophisticated imprint of DC Comics) is the perfect backstory (and tease) for what we’ll experience on the silver screen, just over a week from now. Plus it’s got a great new drawing of the monster on the cover by acclaimed artist Arthur Adams.

Advance word on Godzilla the movie has already started to trickle in and it’s been highly positive. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Godzilla: Awakening.

Find out where this strange and fearsome creature starts!

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