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Well, not exactly Hollywood, but Independent Films. I met Christopher Eilenstine the director of The Soulless, a year ago through mutual friends of Steampunk and Indie Films. Chris not only agreed to do an interview for Biff Bam Pop!, but we have remained friends. Last Saturday, I was invited by Christopher to a private screening of The Soulless. Did I like what I saw? Find out after the jump.

The Soulless

Christopher Eilenstein is the director of a new zombie movie and he wants everyone to know this: Forget Everything You Know about the Living Dead- THE RULES HAVE CHANGED! You can learn more about the movie and Christopher Eilenstine from the two part interview here and here.



I’m a big fan of independent films (indies). Indies have become more popular that the big budget movies. Want proof? Last year, Sundance Film Festival received 12,000 submissions. Great stories can be told without compromise and without the big production price. Want more proof? Here is a list of just a few success stories. So you can imagine why I was so excited to promote The Soulless. I took my husband with me to meet Chris and to watch the film. My husband, Dan, unlike me, is not a horror fan, which made him a perfect subject to drive test the film before the big premiere on May 14 in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

When we arrived at Christopher’s home, we were introduced to several people who were part of the film. Mike Zarella is not only one of the producers, but he also played one of the zombes and a survivor in the film. Tom Rogers was in charge of zombie make-up and also played several parts in the film. Savannah Rogers, Tom’s daughter also starred in the film playing a one of the zombes and a survivor.


After snacks were served and the lights were turned low, my husband and I watched the movie which featured Jason Propst as David Peterson, Kaylin Iannone as Nicole Peterson at age 12, and Jennifer Teska as Nicole Peterson at age 24. During intermission, Christopher had the opportunity to ask for our input. He was interested in my husband’s and my take on the film and was very happy with our response.


My husband loved the movie even though he’s not a fan of horror. I not only loved the film, but was honored that Christopher Eilenstine had asked me to review the movie because he respected my opinion. He enjoys reading my reviews of movies and television shows for Biff Bam Pop!.

Me, Mike, Chris, Savannah, Tom
Me, Mike, Chris, Savannah, Tom

Dan and I gave the show a four star rating, and we can’t wait to arrive on the red carpet on May 14th to be part of the premiere of The Soulless. I don’t know if there will be a red carpet reception at the theater like they do in Hollywood, but I can pretend.


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