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Travel The Galactic Waves With ODY-C #1 On The Wednesday Run

ODY-C 1 coverUniversity.

My essays were already about close readings of comic books before I even started higher education. The Sandman. Watchmen. Dark Knight Returns. They all made it as “Independent Study Projects” in my last days of high school. But during my time in the hallowed halls of post secondary education, I was reading the literary classics by Dante Alighieri, Sir Thomas More and Homer and, more than ever, I realized that university had come to comics long, long ago.

By the time I finished my first stint of higher education, I saw that comics had now come to the university. The bookstore was full of the titles that made up the content of all those essays I had written and were now part of course curriculums.

Today, we see another example of the university fiction-comic book relationship.

Ladies and gentlemen, after the jump, let’s go on an ODY-C.

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Roche Limit: Sci-Fi Noir That Pushes Humanity To The Limit

Roche Limit 1-1Comic book fans have been seeing more and more genre-styled fiction on the shelves over the last few years. Image Comics, the publisher of so much great creator-owned material, has been on the forefront of that movement.

This fall saw the release of another title in the genre pantheon with Roche Limit, a sci-fi noir tale that take place in the far future, on a far-off world, but whose motivations are distinctly human and timeless.

Follow me after the jump and discover where and how the grim future of Roche Limit exists.

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Terror & Madness & Intersect #1 On The Wednesday Run

Intersect 1 coverOften, Biff Bam Pop’s Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns, and I, converse about all things pop-culture. Music. Movies. TV. Books. You’d expect that of a couple of pals who contribute in various ways to a pop-culture website like Biff Bam Pop!

It’s pretty much a multiple-times-a-day occurrence, our discussions. And there have been times, amidst deep and worthy conversations, that I have called comic books “sequential art”. When I do, for some reason known only to him, Andy Burns gives out a heartfelt laugh in my direction.

He might give another today, when I say that Intersect #1 is a visually stunning and thought provoking addition to the world of sequential art and that it stands boldly amongst all other “comic books” released on the shelves today.

Find out why after the jump!

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Captain America Gets Doubly Mighty On The Wednesday Run

Maybe it’s because of this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, one of the great superhero films made.

Maybe it’s because of the weekly Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, which has been firing on all cylinders in its second season.

Maybe it’s because of last month’s pretty awesome Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer.

All of these things have got Captain America fans, old and new, whipped up into a bit of frenzy. And today Marvel Comics services that frenzy with two – count ‘em two – new Cap titles to read! Follow me after the jump for the goods…

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Go Crazy For The Batman: Arkham Asylum 25th Ann. Deluxe Ed. On The Wednesday Run

Arkham Asylum coverThere are a lot of great Batman comic books out there.

The world-renowned superhero has got seventy-five years of archival stories for readers to consider, so it’s no wonder than fans of the Dark Knight can opine about various “favourite” single issues or storylines until the bat signal is swallowed up by the rising sun.

One of the greatest of the greatest Batman tales can be found in the graphic novel format. Today, Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s highly regarded Batman: Arkham Asylum celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Follow me after the jump and I’ll tell you how series an event it is!

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Epic Endings With Wonder Woman #35 On The Wednesday Run

WW35 coverFor a myriad of reasons, it’s tough to find a great Wonder Woman comic book storyline run.

You get lots of them with Batman and Superman and Flash and Legion of Superheroes and Justice League and so many other great characters and superhero team-ups. But with Wonder Woman, it’s all shoulder shrugs. There are reasons for this, but I’ll save that discussion for another time.

For me, the character’s greatest run might very well be the one under writer/artist George Perez in the late 1980’s.

And now this, more recent one, under Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang.

But all good things…all good things!

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31 Days of Horror 2014 – Ravenous (1999)

ravenousDo you ever get those hanger pangs that are so deep, so full of want, that you could eat a whole steak (yes), a whole beef roast (yes!), a whole cow (YES!)?

No matter how hungry you get, there is one food source that is strictly taboo, firmly off-limits, and definitely not for civilized consumption. So it’s no wonder that gorging on human flesh is too harrowing and far too repulsive an act to ever consider – no matter how dire the (pardon the pun) stakes.

The idea literally turns our stomachs.

And that’s what makes the 1999 dark humour horror film, Ravenous, so much fun!

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Ronin Deluxe Edition Is Classic SF&F On The Wednesday Run

RoninSummer’s well over and it already feels like Fall has come and gone – and Halloween is still a week away! That means December holiday shopping is just around the corner. If you haven’t noticed the holiday trimmings at your local mall yet, you will shortly.

But you’ve been good this year, haven’t you?

So, if you think it’s still too early to treat a loved one, how about treating yourself to a classic comic book that helped changed the comic book landscape here in North America, collected in a new hardcover format?

Treat yourself to the new Deluxe Edition of Frank Miller’s Ronin.

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