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Bring The (Inner) Kid To DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1 On The Wednesday Run

It’s Wednesday, July 30, and that means that Biff Bam Pop! is halfway through it’s first week celebrating Batman’s 75th birthday. We’re calling it Batman @ 75. Clever aren’t we?

But Wednesday, July 30th also means new comics have arrived at your local shop! So, I’m left straddling the line of highlighting a cool new comic book release – whilst also keeping the Dark Knight’s birthday in mind.

Now, I don’t have to do that, but I am anyway. This time, I’m doing it for the kids.

Follow me after the jump for the 4-1-1 on DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1.

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Trailer Time: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

The Hobbit-The Battle of the Five ArmiesIt’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

I can still remember the teaser trainer to the first The Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring. I think it was in the fall, nearly fifteen years ago and I was completely captivated by it, freeze-framing every still so that I could get a good look at all the imagery that director Peter Jackson had put on display.

Today, we have our first teaser trailer for the final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. This is, as they say, the defining chapter of the six films.

Follow me after the jump for an early look at December’s The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

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BBP! Celebrates Batman @ 75 – A Costume That Changes With Us

Whether you’re a fan of grim and gritty, light and campy, or whether you’re a traditionalist or a futurist, there’s a Batman costume for you, isn’t there?

Be it black bat on the chest or yellow oval; long, pointy ears or short, rounded ones; body armor or cloth piping, it’s all been done, you’ve seen it – and it’s been a hallmark of the times you’ve lived in.

Batman is celebrating his seventy-fifth birthday and Batman @ 75 means a lot of costume changes! Follow me after the jump and we’ll take a close look at a few of them.

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BBP! Celebrates Batman @ 75 – A Birthday Introduction

batman 75 logoHoly fire brigade, Batman! With all those candles on your cake, you don’t look a day over twenty-three!

Or is that twenty-eight? No? Thirty-eight, surely.

Forty-five? No! Sixty-five? Eighty? What???

And therein lies the longevity of one of pop-culture’s greatest comic book heroes: Batman, Gotham City’s Dark Knight, is malleable. So much so that any kind of story can be told around the character.

Any story, any setting, and time period. It’s hard to believe he’s been around for seventy-five years!

Follow me after the jump, and let me introduce you to a Biff Bam Pop! celebration of Batman @ 75!

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Riddle Me This Batman #33 On The Wednesday Run

Riddle me this:

What’s better than a fallen Bat, in a lawless city, at the mercy of a question mark?

The answer: Not much, that’s what!

A story nearly a year in the making reaches its exciting, extra-sized conclusion today – and you need to be around for it. Follow me after the jump for the beautiful riddle that is Batman #33!

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Celebrate The Bat & The Clown On The Wednesday Run

There are some big, plans a-brewing when it comes to everyone’s favourite Dark Knight Detective.

It’s been seventy-five years since the first appearance of Batman within the pages of Detective Comics #27 and you can bet that the upcoming San Diego Comic Con later this month will have a plethora of Batman-related programming and announcements. Bat-celebrations get a jump-start this week with the release of two decades-spanning hardcover compilations honoring the character.

Follow me after the jump and I’ll tell you about each of them!

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Everything Robin Is Grayson Again On The Wednesday Run

Er, everything old is new again. That’s the phrase, right?

In comics, that particular idiom, if true, probably only applies for a short amount of time. A few years, maybe. Hell, maybe only a few months! In comics, everything old that might be new will revert to its original self.

But that doesn’t mean the process of change can’t be interesting.

And that’s what we get this week. A brand new #1, a brand new re-invention of a classic character that the whole world knows – but never really knew.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you: Grayson #1.

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It’s A Galactic Hat-Trick On The Wednesday Run

Hey kids! Comics! Well, movie tie-in comics anyways.

You see, one of the most eagerly anticipated summer films is do for release in one month and Marvel, ever the craft marketers, have three new comic book series’ to herald the occasion.

Of course, I’m alluding to the film that I once thought of as a joke, but am now excited to see (in IMAX 3-D, of course): Guardians of the Galaxy! It looks like a lot of fun. And kids should love it – it’s got a badass talking raccoon, foe Pete’s sake!

And those three new comic books out today? All geared for a kid’s fascination!

Follow me after the jump for the galactic low-down!

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