Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: Spider-Man Chronicle

Happy birthday, Spider-Man! This year marks the 50th Anniversary of everybody’s favourite wall-crawler, and we’ve had the chance to celebrate with all sorts of treats. There was the new film (my personal favourite in the Spidey series), a solid iOS based, free form game and some solid monthly writing from the great Dan Slott in the Amazing Spider-Man comics. Now, if you’re looking for something to get the Spider-Man freak in your life, there’s one book more than any other that’s a must have this holiday season!

Face front true believers, and read all about Spider-Man Chronicle after the jump!
From DK Publishing, the makers of some of thee best pop culture hardcovers out there, comes Spider-Man Chronicle, a gorgeous trip through the Marvel history of Peter Parker and his web-slinging alter ego. Written by comic historians Alan Cowsill and Matthew K. Manning, and presented in a slipcase with two prints for good measure, the 350 pages plus tome covers all the pertinent moments in Spidey-Man’s 50 year history, starting off with his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 back in the summer of 1962. Going year by year, we get the where and whens of classic moments from the Spider-Man cannon – the first appearance of Doc Ock in 1963; Kraven’s Last Hunt in 1987; the Clone Saga of the 90’s and everything in-between.

Along the way, what if’s, alternate worlds, team-ups, writers and artists all get their due and then some. Like the best DK books, you can read Spider-Man Chronicle front to back, or just pick it up at a random place and get a quick taste of Spidey’s world. Either way, this is the definitive coffee table book for any discerning Spider-Man fan, which is why it makes Biff Bam Pop’s holiday gift guide!

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