In the Belly of the Beast: The Films of Alex de la Iglesia

The great filmmakers are often celebrated for their extraordinary control: the exacting science of Hitchcock’s suspense, the omnipresent symmetry of Kubrick’s vision, the dour Wagnerian pomp of Christopher Nolan. But there’s a lot to be said for id, too. The chaotic subconscious mind is its own glorious school, a place for the likes of Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi and David Lynch to stretch out and just, you know, get really fucking crazy. With Spain’s Alex de la Iglesia, add one more to that subversive list. TIFF is running a retrospective of de la Iglesia’s films from January 30th to March 28th, and amid all the batshit bonkers onscreen are some really indelible moments of brilliance. From the apocalyptic satanic horror of The Day of the Beast (1995) to the jet-black comedy of A Ferpect Crime (2004), de la Iglesia isn’t for everyone, but if putting the words wild satirical dark guignol together gets you salivating like Pavlov’s dog on a leash, you’re gonna wanna dive into this head-first.

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Marvel’s Agent Carter S01 E04: The Blitzkrieg Button


After three episodes of hunting down Howard Stark’s secret gizmos, and fighting off the mysterious Leviathan, we get a bit of a new twist on “Marvel’s Agent Carter.” A lot of the fun is gone, but we do get a bit of a game changer, as well as a peek at the upcoming return of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “The Blitzkrieg Button.”

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Take A Universe-Spanning Tour With The Multiversity Guidebook #1 On The Wednesday Run

Multiversity Guidebook coverMultiple universes.

Multiple worlds.

Multiple heroes.


You’re in for a delicious comic book treat today! Take a guided tour of the various realities that make up the pantheon of the DC Comics universes with the 80-page The Multiversity Guidebook #1.

Follow me after the jump for a brief introduction!

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The Flash S01 E11: The Sound and the Fury


Subtly mentioned in passing in the last episode of “The Flash,” in “The Sound and the Fury” we meet Hartley Rathaway in person for the first time, or as he’s know in the comics – The Pied Piper! In the comics the Piper has jumped between being a friend and a foe of the Flash, now we’ll see how his television counterpart plays out. Meet me after the super speed jump for my thoughts on “The Sound and the Fury.”

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Trailer Time: Fantastic Four

IMG_1119-1Our first look at Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is here. There’s not much to the two minute teaser, but it’s clear the tone is far different from the previous films. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Sleepy Hollow S02 E14: Kali Yuga


Possessed portraits, serial killers and dating 101 were the topics on last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow.” Poor Ichabod, he’ll need to put more fizz into his romancing techniques if he’s going to win Katrina away from the very passionate and dashing Abraham. We’ve learned the backstory of all the characters, except one. What’s Nick’s worst nightmare. Meet Nick’s childhood caretaker.

Colonial Karaoke

Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny and Nick are hanging out at a club where Abbie does one hell of a karaoke song. There’s no Katrina in sight, so maybe that first date didn’t work out after all. Abbie talks Ichabod into doing a karaoke song. I think our stud muffin should have gone with “All About the Bass” by Meghan Trainor because the song he went with was a downer. Jenny is into Nick, and I think he feels the same way about her, although earlier in the season he made a play for Abbie. And they say girls are fickle. When Nick gets a message that that he’s to pick up an artifact, he leaves the party.


There’s been a rift between Ichabod and Abbie. She’s been keeping secrets from him and doing cases without him. Has she lost faith in her demon fighting sidekick? I think it’s more than that and I know just who to blame. Katrina has Ichabod dangling on a string, and if last week’s date was any indication, then this has to be the most passionless marriage, ever!  I’ve never trusted Katrina and feel that her loyalties are to Abraham and Henry.


Nick meets a woman from his past. It’s the woman who raised him after his parents were killed. She’s like a female version of Indiana Jones and she needs Nick to help her. Now, before I go any further with this review, I have to say how freaking happy I was to see one my favorite actresses on Sleepy Hollow. Jaime Murray who is in Syfy’s hit show, “Defiance,” is just the shot in the arm that Sleepy Hollow needs to bring up its ratings. I did an interview on Jaime and she was a joy to chat with. You can find the two part interview here and here. Jaime plays the mysterious Carmella, who is a servant to dark mother, Kali, and our monster of the week. We don’t want to piss off Carmella. She’s got a bad temper and venomous claws.


Nick is torn between helping his former caretaker and protecting his friends. When he breaks into the archives better known as Ichabod’s Cabinet of Curiosities, the alarm goes off bringing Abbie, Jenny and Ichabod in Nick’s red sports car. Does Ichabod have a driver’s license?

The chase through the underground tunnels brings Abbie and Ichabod face to face with Carmella. She escapes before they can capture her. While Abbie and Jenny try to locate Nick, Ichabod and Katrina are going through the archives to see what’s missing. I did have to chuckle at Katrina’s opinion on a book about Mary Poppins.

With the blueprints that Nick took from the archives, he and Carmella plan to break into the Knox vaults to get a statue. Nick is unaware that Carmella plans to use the statue of Kali to make slaves. Ichabod and Abbie’s entrapment inside the vault give them time to talk.

Captain Irving

I guess it’s good to have a lawyer in the family, because Frank needs all the help he can get. Cynthia Irving gets Frank out of trouble, but she isn’t sure if husband is alive or dead. She asks Katrina to help her. Frank gets a clean bill of health from Katrina, but I have my doubts.


There’s been talk that the Fox Network is worried about the low ratings for this show. Having a monster of the week is a sure way to bring up the ratings, but we need more than monsters to fix the lagging storyline. Adding Nick Hawley (Matt Barr) to the plot helped, but somehow the possibility of him and Ichabod doing more adventures together, fell through. It’s a shame because having two stud muffins on the show definitely raised the ratings. While Abbie and Ichabod battle the slaves of Kali, Jenny saves Nick from Carmella, and we get to see Nick without his shirt. In this episode we learn that Nick is leaving. After giving Jenny a kiss goodbye, he’s off to track down Carmella. Will he be back?


Ichabod was upset and maybe jealous of Abbie’s connection to the angel, Orion. He found something belonging to the angel at the archives. Abbie has feelings for Ichabod, but he is trying to fix Katrina and Henry. Abbie needs a partner she can trust. Ichabod needs to choose between Abbie and Katrina.

Jaime Murray is at her best when she plays bad girls. Her Stahma on “Defiance” is proof of that, and I enjoyed her bad girl Carmella, tonight. If you want the ratings to go up, keep bringing guest stars aboard like the lovely Ms. Murray.

I guess that little chat in the vault worked because Abbie and Ichabod are back at the karaoke bar and they are doing a duet, “Proud Mary,” and they were good. See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

God, country and family: American Sniper reviewed

American Sniper is based on a book of the same name. It’s the story of Chris Kyle, husband, father, and Navy SEAL. It broke box office records the first weekend it was released. Did this film hit the target or miss the mark? Meet me after the jump to find out, spoilers ahead.


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Avengers Assemble S02 E08: Head to Head


After far too long a hiatus, Disney XD’s animated “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” is finally back, picking up on one of its hanging plotlines, this time the whereabouts of the Mind Stone. Guess who’s got it? Big head M.O.D.O.K., and he’s using it to take over S.H.I.E.L.D. Meet me after the jump for more acronymic madness, and my thoughts on “Head to Head.”

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