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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comics For Everyone On Your List

The hardest part about putting together a gift guided for me is not starting it off in a way I consider “hack-y.” That is to say, I don’t want to launch into a tirade along the lines of “Boy, the malls are SO crowded! Shopping is the WORST. Guess the holidays are here again, right guys?”

Amazon just had their biggest Cyber Week in their history. I’ve been to the mall twice since Black Friday and one of those times I saw an actual tumbleweed. During both of those trips I desperately wanted to do all my shopping at my local comic shop. Graphic novels, not Isotoners.

What if I told you it was possible? That you could indeed find something for almost everyone at your comic shop. Well, you can find out after the jump!

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Heroes and Villains – Reviewing The Week’s Marvels 2-8-2017


This week in Heroes and Villains our selection of new Marvel Comics includes far flung space action (not), one of the company’s current big events, a first issue featuring one of New York’s most dastardly villains, and the biggest female star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy #17, Inhumans Vs. X-Men #4, Kingpin #1, and Black Widow #11…

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Lawyer Up With “Kingpin #1” On The Wednesday Run

kingpin-1-coverLong time bad guy finally goes legit.

A likely story, right?

No one can escape their reputation. Michael Corleone famously reminded us of that fact in The Godfather Part III: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Al Pacino is all kinds of awesome.

And Wilson Fisk, the “Kingpin” of crime in the Marvel Universe, is all kids of bad.

Can the arch-enemy of Daredevil (not to mention Spider-Man and the Punisher), go good? Can he change his disposition? Does he want to? Will the world let him?

A new series, appropriately titled Kingpin, aims to answer those questions, beginning with the first issue, out today!

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Hail to the King – Your First Look at CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1!


The controversy of Civil War II is affecting every corner of the Marvel Universe. Not just the heroes are at war, the forces of evil are on the move as well. What does the Kingpin have up his sleeve in this time of strife? Find out in CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1, see the preview, after the jump!

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Andy Burns finds out why We Can Never Go Home with writer Matthew Rosenberg

Black Mask Studios is putting out a lot of great work right now. Some of it maybe flying under the mainstream comic radar, but their titles are well worth tracking down. Last week, Ron McKenzie gave a stellar review for the studios Ballistic compilation, written by Adam Egypt Mortimer and illustrated by Darick Robertson. This week, we’ve got an interview with Matthew Rosenberg, writer of the series We Can Never Go Home, its second issue now currently available in shops and online. I was impressed with the first issue, and the second one carries on with the strong storytelling and excellent art. So check out my interview with Matthew and find out why you should really be reading We Can Never Go Home.

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