Hawkeye: Freefall #5 Hits Another Bull’s Eye

Last week I wrote about the great story that Frank Tieri has been telling in Marvel’s Ravencroft book, the most recent of which finally arrived after Covid-19 put the comic industry on hold. While things are slowly ramping back up, there’s good and bad news when it comes to some Marvel titles that have seen their physical copies discontinued. That’s the unfortunate situation Hawkeye: Freefall finds itself in; luckily, the story will be finished, with the book being released strictly as a digital release.

Hawkeye FreefallHawkeye: Freefall #5
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Otto Schmidt

I’ve written about this title before, and at the risk of repeating myself, it’s worth noting that Mattew Rosenberg is indeed one of my favourite writers working today, and his run on this series has been outstanding. I’ve never been a huge Hawkeye fan (I still need to finish reading Fraction and Aja’s run), but Rosenberg’s crafted a story that’s totally engaging. In his hands, Clint Barton is witty and appealing, even when he’s messing up around his Avengers compatriots (there are lots of guest appearances throughout Freefall, and Matt’s got a handle on all their voices). Freefall finds Hawkeye managing friends and lovers and his constant attempts to do the right thing; suffice to say, sometimes he falls short, but he does so in ways that are never less than entertaining. There aren’t huge stakes at play here – this is a street-level story, and I think it works all the better for it.

Along with Rosenberg’s writing is Otto Schmidt’s outstanding art. His work, kinetic and cartoony (to my eyes) reminds me of the best of Humberto Ramos, which I hope Schmidt takes as a compliment.

While it’s unfortunate that fans of floppy copies won’t see Hawkeye: Freefall finished as single issues, I’m guessing at some point it will be collected in a trade edition. Meanwhile, go and grab the latest issue digitally, and get the previous ones as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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