Department of Truth

Read This Book- “The Department of Truth: The Complete Conspiracy“

Uncle Mac looks at what may just be the best way to read the outstanding conspiracy series, The Department of Truth.

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A legend of the comic book industry gets the royal treatment with a new hardcover compilation that spans an illustrious career, showcasing the breadcrumbs that made comic books – and the industry – what they are today.

Set Your Peepers And Your Fears On ‘All Eight Eyes #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Eight-legged arachnids run afoul, creating a heightened phobia for readers of this biting new horror miniseries!

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DC Comics continues to satiate Sandman fans by offering a new chapter in the horrifically popular Nightmare Country comic book series.

Purrfectly Nightmarish Reading With ‘Hairball #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Curl up with your most lovable familiar and read a new miniseries full of cutes and cuddles and claws and nightmares!