Jeffery X Martin lives in a secret enclave, protected by wild turkeys and bobcats, somewhere in the Great American South. He is the author of five books, available through Amazon, and the former co-host of the podcast, "Kiss the Goat." He has been previously published on Popshifter and Machine Mean. In his spare time, he enjoys professional wrestling, Italian horror movies, and post-punk janglepop.

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 10: 1970

Jeffery X Martin takes a look at the weird musical spectrum of 1970 on this week’s installment of ‘Songs in the Key of X.’

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 9: Songs About Stealing

On this week’s ‘Songs in the Key of X,’ Jeffery X Martin wonders why you’re buying all those holiday gifts when you could be stealing them.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Random Strangers and Extended Family Members

If you’re in a holiday quandary, wondering what gifts to get for people you barely know, this edition of the Holiday Gift Guide may give you some ideas.

Prime in the Dustbin: ‘Maniac’ (1977)

The 1977 action movie, ‘Maniac,’ features a killer with no clear motive, a surly Oliver Reed, and a poncho. Sounds great. It is not.

You Haven’t Seen ‘Zombie’ Until You’ve Seen Blue Underground’s 4K Restoration

The Blue Underground 4K restoration Blu-ray of Lucio Fulci’s ‘Zombie’ might be more gorgeous than the movie deserves, but you should buy it anyway.