31 Days Of Horror 2022 – Fall In Love With ‘Hellboy In Love #1’ On The Wednesday Run

As the once green leaves continue to turn all sorts of wonderful reds and yellows, we’re reminded that we’re in the heart of the autumn season. Also, that the spookiest time of the year is now at hand, just as those vibrant colours quickly fade to shades of brown and melancholically fall to the ground, dried up, shriveled and dead.

Oh, but in that decaying organic mess that needs constant raking, love blooms! 

Everyone loves the spooky season…and the spooky season certainly loves every last one of us right back! Whether it’s the shorter days and longer, darker nights or the cobwebs, maniacally carved pumpkins and skeletal decorations that cover front yards and porches of homes, or the scary film marathons and haunting comic book tales that we all enjoy reading, October is certainly a great time of year!  

Love, true love, of horror and all things scary, terrifying and fun, blossoms at this time of year! And this is no less true for the denizens of Hades, those famous few (or one) that can be deemed brash enough, heroic enough, good enough and famous enough, to be called Hellboy!

You wouldn’t necessarily think of the brooding, somewhat loner, Hellboy, to be synonymous with love. But he is today!

Hellboy In Love #1 written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden and illustrated by Matt Smith; published by Dark Horse Comics.

Hellboy In Love, written by the character’s creator Mike Mignola alongside long-time writing and artist companions, Christopher Golden and Matt Smith, is a brand new five-issue miniseries that explores the titular character’s first love, Dr. Anastacia Bransfield (who first appeared in the novel, Hellboy: The Lost Army written by Christopher Golden and first published twenty-five years ago). That’s a long wait for fans who follow Hellboy canon and a fascinating spark for new fans looking to get in on occult adventure!

Hellboy in Love begins with the two-part tale called “Goblin Night” that sees Hellboy assigned to patrol a train route besieged by meddling and menacing goblins who are out stealing from passengers. There, our hero meets the soon-to-be love of his life, an origin tale that has Hellboy and Anastacia, the researcher and archeologist, in a fight for what she’s carrying! It brings the duo across the magical (and haunting) English countryside, right into a raucous local punk show!   

It’s a tale long in the making and one feverishly waited for by fans…Goblins! Magic! Punk!

Surely love is in the air!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the first issue of Hellboy In Love – a heart-warming, mysteriously hell-raising adventure, perfectly ripe for your spooky season reading!

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