31 Days of Horror 2022: Gilbert Speaks on William Bagley’s “The Murder Podcast”

When two aspiring podcasters try to get more followers for their podcast that is devoted entirely to the subject of Ramen noodles, they happen upon some very spooky killings.

The Murder Podcast

Directed and written by William Bagley, and starring Andrew McDermott, Cooper Bucha, Levi Burdick, Brian Emond, Logan Mariner, and Luke Michael Williams, The Murder Podcast is a true comedic horror treat that everyone will enjoy watching.

While playing a video game, Jake Daniels (Jomaa Mohamad) finds a coin in the game, but this is no ordinary coin. This coin holds an evil witch in her coffin, but now this witch is free to kill whoever she wants. Enter two losers, Chad Thadwick (Andrew McDermott) and his best friend, Eddie (Cooper Bucha). Chad lives in his sister’s basement but is a constant thorn in her boyfriend’s side. Stephen (Brian Emond) wants Chad out of the house. Chad is also dealing with the loss of his father, who tried to warn people after multiple murders were committed several years ago, but instead he was committed to, and died, in an insane asylum.

You can’t really blame Stephen. Chad and Eddie spend their days smoking weed and eating dangerous levels of Ramen soup. In fact, their whole podcast with only 100 followers is about the different types of Ramen soup. When they hear about Jake’s death, Chad and Eddie decide to change the format of their podcast and do a murder investigation. Officer Stacheburn (Levi Burdick) is not having any of this lunacy. He thinks the death was natural. Jake’s head exploded, but okay. After Jake’s mom is murdered, there is no stopping Chad and Eddie from doing their own investigation.


At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy The Murder Podcast as much as I did. Chad and Eddie are more like Beavis and Butt-Head meets The X-Files, but this is what makes this buddy film so much fun. There is enough gore and frights to keep you jumping, but it is also fun watching these two losers trying to fight the evil witch before she kills everyone in the town. Levi Burdick as Officer Stacheburn was a joy to watch, as was the town drunk (Philip Spartis) who knew all the secrets about the witch.

The Murder Podcast will be out on digital on October 26th, just in time for Halloween. This Granny is giving the film a thumbs up. You need to watch it.

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