31 Days Of Horror 2022 – Set Terror To An Upright Position For ‘The Approach #1’ On The Wednesday Run

We gave a teaser a few weeks ago, but started in earnest last Wednesday.

And now, the weekly The Wednesday Run column continues its Spooky Season picks of comic book frights and delights, this time embarking on a journey as fearsome as the all-encompassing sky above us, the necessary return to hard soil under our feet – and the dread of the unknown that lies between those two elements.  

After all, who doesn’t get a little nervous boarding a tin can with easily torn-apart wings, a massive amount of flammable fuel, keeping the company of a few hundred strangers from all walks of life, thousands of miles above the safe confines of terra firma?

Superman may have suggested that “statistically speaking, flying is still the safest way to travel” but in this day and age, it still puts any sane mind on the edge of oblivion.

Include an unnamable monstrosity and the anxiety-ridden experience of taking an airplane flight takes a nightmarish turn into the crazed reaches of cosmic horror! Which, of course, brings us to today’s Spooky Season selection in The Approach #1.

The Approach #1 written by Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley and illustrated by Jesus Hervas; published by Boom! Studios.

Co-written by Jeremy Haun (Red Mother, The Beauty, The Realm) and Jason A. Hurley (The Beauty) and illustrated by Jesus Hervas (The Empty Man, Penny Dreadful, Dark Ark, Tomorrow), The Approach is a five-issue miniseries steeped deeply in the horror genre. It’s full of real-life apprehensions and, of course, monsters.

Perfect reading for the month of October…or if you’re planning that long-sought trip abroad!

One part The Thing, one part Lost and one part Lovecraftian terror, The Approach begins with a an infrequent, but sinister, snowstorm that envelopes a small airfield and the isolated employees that work there. A distressed plane, twenty years out of time, needs to land. A runway needs to be desperately cleared… A team of disparate employees, at odds with one another, needs to work together. And the white-out blizzard brings with it something that is entirely unfathomable.

As the October winds begin to stir, and the darkness of night comes sooner than we’d perhaps like, make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the first issue of The Approach!

Find out what terrors lurk in the mind – and in the storm!

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