An Undying Legacy Continues With ‘Creepshow #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The 1982 anthology horror-comedy film, Creepshow, famously directed by George A. Romero and featuring multiple short stories from the Master of the Macabre, Stephen King, is an important touchstone for many pop-culture fans.

Over the last few decades, that particular film, an homage to the old 1950’s EC horror comic book series of, Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror, gave rise to two sequels (one of which also included story contributions from King), a comic book, a web series and a television series.

Much like a massive graveyard tombstone, it’s place in the pantheon of horror-related pop culture is certainly cemented.  

Still, it’s fitting that today is Stephen King’s seventy-fifth birthday. Here at Biff Bam Pop!, we’ve been celebrating the famed writer all week, turning our attention to his broad influences in music, comic books, book introductions and forwards and even how his work and words have touched personal life interests and career endeavours.   

Creepshow’s legacy is undying! Today sees the release of a brand new five-part monthly miniseries anthology, featuring the famed title and short story format – a celebration of both horror and King…and perfectly timed for the upcoming spooky season of Halloween!

Creepshow #1 written and illustrated by various; published by Image Comics.

Published by Image Comics, Creepshow #1 is written and illustrated by a host of fantastic writers and artists including Chris Burnham (Nameless, Die! Die! Die!), Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics), John McCrea (Hitman, Dead Eyes) and many more – and that’s just in this first issue!

Each of the five issues that make up the new Creepshow series will feature short stories by other beloved creators such as David Lapham, Kelley Jones, Francesco Francavilla, Jorge Corona, Dani and many others! It’s a ghoulishly wonderful draw for readers looking for short, fun and spooky reading!

Here, Creepshow #1 tells the story of trick or treaters who mess with the wrong house as well as a second tale about a birthday clown with an appetite for more than just cake! Expect chills, gross-outs and fiendish laughs in every issue.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today, pick up Creepshow #1, and get in on all the pop culture fun. Discover – or re-discover – why Creepshow continues to magically spook and entertain all of us!   

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