Go Ahead And Open the Door To ‘The Closet #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Up in the dusty attic. Down in the cold cellar. Under the lonely bed.

And inside the silent closet.

As a child, who didn’t hear strange sounds or weird manifestations emanating from these places inside our homes? I can distinctly recall shadows hurriedly sweeping past the underside of the closed basement door, seemingly deliberate dragging sounds coming from under my bedframe and the scheming shift of bags and loose toys from deep inside the dark closet. Always when alone. Always at bedtime.

Nothing is more terrifying than the runaway imagination of a child, trying to decipher all of life’s unknowns.

I know you remember.

Those experiences make for some fertile (and horrific) storytelling ground now that (some of us) are in adulthood. There are truths in those experiences. We can all relate to them chiefly because we all had them. So, in reading tales of childhood experiences that these emotional predicaments take us through, we are brought back to our own personal understanding of what makes us who we are now.

And that’s the premise of today’s release of the three-issue monthly miniseries, The Closet.

The Closet #1 written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Gavin Fullerton; published by Image Comics.

Created by acclaimed and prolific writer, James Tynion IV (The Department of Truth, Something Is Killing The Children, The Woods, The Nice House on the Lake, Batman) and noirish illustrated by Gavin Fullerton (Bog Bodies, Bags), The Closet will take readers back to their own childhood while simultaneously remaining frighteningly relevant to the make-up of our modern day selves. 

Originally published via Tynion IV’s Substack platform, a paid-for-content online community of choice for high-profile writers and artists these days, today sees the first physical publication of The Closet, courtesy of creator-friendly Image Comics. Known as both a mainstream superhero comic book writer as well as an accomplished horror writer for his own creator-owned endeavours, the three-part monthly release of this story is highly anticipated by fans of Tynion IV. The more traditional publishing format will see The Closet available to a whole host of comic book readers who haven’t necessarily followed the writer or his works previously.

The Closet sees the main protagonist, Thom, moving his family across the country east to west in an effort to escape their collective past. But the past is not so easily outrun. It’s something that is carried with a person, wherever they might go. Thom’s son, Jamie, is seeing monsters in the bedroom closet, and the nightmares for both father and son become more and more horrifying the closer the family comes to their travelling destination.

Despite the terrors within, The Closet is one door you want to open!

Discover what lurks in the shadowy past! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the riveting The Closet #1.

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