Horror Takes A Holiday At ‘The Nice House On The Lake #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Here in North America, we just enjoyed a couple of important long weekends that herald the start of the summer season: Memorial Day in the United States and Victoria Day  in Canada.

Those weekends are synonymous with cottage openings. Even more than summer, it’s cottage season that kicks off during the month of May. And these days, who wouldn’t want to get away from all the news and the closures and the various health orders that the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed?

Yep. A solitary setting in a rustic, but beautiful lakefront cottage is where it’s at. Where you wake up in the morning, ease into your slippers and open the sliding door to a wooden deck, greeted by the cool, fresh, air and sounds of loons rhythmically calling back and forth over a misty, serene lake, a freshly brewed coffee in hand, while the rest of the world burns to the ground.

Now that’s a getaway!

And that picturesque setting is also the place where the new 12-issue horror series from DC Comics (featuring their Black Label, mature reader, tag) The Nice House On The Lake, begins.

The Nice House On The Lake #1 written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez Beuno; published by DC Comics (Black Label).

Written by the accomplished superhero, mystery, fantasy and horror writer, James Tynion IV (The Woods, Batman, Detective Comics, Something Is Killing The Children), and suspensefully illustrated in a dark, noirish style perfectly suited for the book by Alvaro Martinez Bueno (Detective Comics), The Nice House On The Lake is perfect cottage season reading.  

The premise is simple and more than a little unnerving.

An old, but somewhat removed, acquaintance has invited twelve of his now out-of-touch colleagues from childhood and work to his beautiful and opulent cottage for a short getaway.

Sure, Walter was always a little distant, always a little off, always a little unknown, but after a tough year, who wouldn’t want to catch up with some friends in such a serene setting – even if it meant putting up with Water’s eccentricities for a week?

Oh, that’s how all the best horror stories start, don’t they? The ideal plan, shattered.

In a character-driven story that skips through present day and info flashbacks that build tension and mystery, The Nice House On The Lake is anything but a nice place to be. And there’s more to everyone’s mysterious friend, Walter, than anyone could ever imagine

Billed as Tynion’s most ambitious work to date – and that’s saying something given the library of his critically acclaimed offerings over the better part of the last ten years – The Nice House On The Lake is a sophisticated story that aims to surprise and horrify by easily putting readers in the same place as the protagonists in the comic.

So, who wants to visit a cottage this coming weekend with a bunch of their friends? Yeah, I thought so!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and start your summer off in a deliciously horrifying way with The Nice House On The Lake #1.

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