Heroes & Villains: ‘Batman/Superman’ #1 and ‘Something Is Killing The Children’

It’s yet another new comic book day and I’m still recovering from Fan Expo Canada and taking my own personal walking tour of Toronto. Great city…very large. My gait has now evolved into something quite similar to that of my grandfather who had endured three separate hip replacements in his lifetime…but it was worth it.

New comic book day waits for no one! So let’s get to it.

batmansuperman-1-coverBatman/Superman #1
Joshua Williamson (W)
David Marquez (A)
DC Comics

Spinning out of DC’s “Dark Multiverse” event and The Batman Who Laughs miniseries, Batman/Superman puts two of the publisher’s biggest heroes back together in their own monthly book. The question you may be asking is, “Do I have to read either of those aforementioned titles?” The answer is….not really?

The first issue does a good job of establishing the core concepts of what’s gone on before, so a passing familiarity is really all you need to jump right into things. I kind of wish I knew that in advance since I personally found The Batman Who Laughs to be a bit of a slog to get through. Seriously, the events of the seven-issue series are summarized in the space of a few word balloons. Like any good comic fan, I too have FOMO and find it hard to pass up event books created by top-shelf talent. 

Speaking of top-shelf talent, I’ve been a fan of Williamson’s recent work on The Flash since he’s done a monster job of creating a world and mythology for the character during his run. It was something that the character desperately needed since most everything got Flashpoint’ed away during one of DC’s relaunches. So, yeah, I’m stoked they’re giving Williamson some of the big toys to play with.

David Marquez is turning in some truly iconic takes on the title characters for this book. There’s a great sequence of panels around the midway point of the book where Marquez perfectly captures Superman’s earnestness and Batman’s stone-faced determinism all in the space of a few panels.

My only gripe with the book is really leveled at the publisher. This book has been hyped for months and months now and between the preview pages that were included in pretty much every DC book leading up to its release and the advance solicits for coming months…there were no real surprises left in the book. The book is still an absolute MUST READ but if you somehow managed to avoid spoilers, you’re probably in for a better time than I had.


STL130300Something Is Killing The Children #1
James Tynion IV (W)
Werther Dell’ Edera
BOOM! Studios

Out next week from BOOM! Studios is Something Is Killing The Children #1, which I feel like is going to be a perfect Fall read for me. I’m big on atmosphere and this book has TONS of it. Dell’Edera produces some amazing spooky stuff along with great character work.

Recently, I’ve been revisiting Tynion’s run on Detective Comics which is hands down my favorite run on the book in a decade (If you’re a Tim Drake of Jean-Paul Valley fan, it’s essential reading). While reading it, I really zeroed in on how Tynion can give the reader a fully formed character all within the space of a few pages, which he continues to do with this book.

What’s the book about? Well, something is killing the children in Something Is Killing The Children and that’s all I’m at liberty to discuss. I’m glad to see Tynion doing some creator-owned stuff and I’m for sure going to add this one to my monthly pull-list. 

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