Heroes and Villains: We Are The Danger, Modern Fantasy

Over the past weekend, I spent a not insignificant amount of time at a local comic shop digging through their quarter bins (dollar bins when adjusted for inflation). I’m of the opinion that there’s no “right” way to enjoy comic books. Some of you get your books weekly, some of you enjoy your comics on a tablet. It’s all good. Anyone who tells you it’s not is probably gatekeeping and it’s ridiculous that those people still exist in 2018.

Comic books are one of the few pieces of physical media I consume on a regular basis. If I don’t get my weekly fix of them I start to get itchy. The act of selecting your books, bagging and boarding them, leisurely paging through them…can’t be beat.

Here are some books that should get you out of the house and down to your local shop! Tell ‘em I sent you. They won’t know who I am but that’s cool. You’ll have confused the heck out of a comic shop clerk and isn’t that what it’s all about, really?

We Are The Danger #1
Fabian Lelay (W/A)
Black Mask Studios

Out last week from Black Mask Studios is We Are The Danger, a comic book about starting a band, and high school, and friendship.

Now, I’ve never been in a band but I have gone to high school and I have had friends so the subject matter of this book isn’t completely foreign to me. I’ve long harbored feelings of admiration for people that are musically inclined that are only eclipsed by the all-consuming jealously I feel for people that are musically inclined… So, in a way, this book is about a world I’ll never know.

With Lelay on both script and art duties the vision of the book feels completely realized and the story that’s lining up to be told is going to rock. There were a couple of small character moments early on in We Are The Danger that got their hooks into me so I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this one.

Advance Alert!

Modern Fantasy #1
Rafer Roberts (W)
Kristen Gudsnuk (A)
Dark Horse

Hitting shelves on June 27th is Modern Fantasy which I got a chance to take an advance look at! 

The book gives the fantasy/adventure genre a welcome twist by putting it in a contemporary setting. Like that movie Bright…only not terrible and completely lacking any heavy-handed allegories for modern society!

Honestly, I had a lot of fun with the book and there were several nice touches that won me over one a concept that I normally would roll my eyes at (like Bright!). The characters are great the art pops and I totally want to trade in my iPhone for an iScroll.

When this book comes out, quest to your local comic shop and roll 20 for a copy! Full disclosure: I never played D&D and I probably just embarrassed myself with this last sentence, Just…go buy the book. It’s fun! You like fun, don’t you?

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