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The Flash S03 E11: ‘Dead or Alive’


H.R., the Harrison Wells from Earth-19 has been a lot of things we did not expect, but a criminal? The Flash must get ready as a bounty hunter from Earth-19 is here to for H.R., and for Cisco, it’s both love at first sight, but also a battle to the death with Gypsy. Meet me after the extra-dimensional jump for my thoughts on “Dead or Alive.”

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‘Rings’ looks to scare ‘Split’ from the top of the box office

A new instalment in a horror franchise enters the fray this weekend. Will it find an audience or fail like others before it? Here’s our prediction:


Rings is the third entry into a franchise that began back in 2002 with The Ring. At the time, the film, about a haunted video tape that killed its viewers seven days after watching its contents, was a fairly big hit at the time, but that was 15 years ago and its fair to say few have been clamouring for a new instalment. Rings hasn’t been screened in advance for critics, and that’s never a good sign. On that note, look for a second place debut with $11.5 million.

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Pump Up The Jam: February 3, 2017

This edition of Pump Up The Jam features VOWWS, Gorillaz, Blanck Mass, Rose Elinor Dougall, Choir Boy, and more!
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