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Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E06: Thunderbolts Revealed


In the days before the internet, when news travels instantaneously, and before comics companies sent press releases to media outlets of character deaths months ahead of time, there was word of mouth. The last truly OMG comics moment that traveled via word of mouth in those long ago days was the last page reveal of the Thunderbolts‘ true identities. They were heroes, hailed as such in a world then bereft of the Avengers, and then we found out who they were… the last big shock in comics. Have you figured it out? Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Thunderbolts Revealed.”

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Fear the Walking Dead S02 E02: We All Fall Down


Holy Deep Sea Adventure! On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Team Travis realized that walkers can swim and pirates can be scarier than the dead. Is Alicia’s short-wave-radio friend, Jack, a pirate? This week, our friends seek shelter with a survivalist family while Daniel wants to learn Strand’s intentions. What do we really know about Strand? Read the rest of this entry

Outlander S02 E02: Not In Scotland Anymore


On last week’s episode of “Outlander,” Claire returns to Frank, only to end up back with Jamie. They decide to change the course of history, but there will be inevitable roadblocks on their quest. So what happened this week?


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