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The GAR! Podcast: The 2016 Camden Comic Con Five Star Spectacular


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world, coming to you from across the vastness of suburban New Jersey via Skype. This week, we’re recorded live at the 2016 Camden Comic Con, with Justin Piatt and Zach Dolan of Unlikely Heroes Studios, Suliman Onque of On-Q Comics, Mark Poulton of A Cat Named Haiku, and Ed Evans of All Things Fun!, along with all the usual stuff. See and hear more after the jump.

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Gobbledygeek: Grendel: Part 2 – Devil’s Legacy, Part 1


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents Gobbledygeek featuring hosts Paul Smith and AJ Wiley and focusing on a variety of entertainment subjects, with our hosts and special guests frequently discussing films, comics, and television.

This week, AJ and Paul continue their Four-Color Flashback coverage of Matt Wagner’s Grendel, and also discuss Phil Donahue, and the shocking death of Prince. See and hear more after the jump.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462


We have been saturated with the horrors of the zombie apocalypse via film, books and television and, after six seasons of “The Walking Dead” you’d think we’d know when and what to do if the shuffling began a feeding frenzy. But, would we? “Flight 462,” directed by Michael McDonough, began as a 16 part mini series to introduce the second season of “Fear the Walking Dead,” leaving us with one big question, “Will we recognize the Zombie Apocalypse when it begins?” Read the rest of this entry

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