Fear the Walking Dead S02 E02: We All Fall Down


Holy Deep Sea Adventure! On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Team Travis realized that walkers can swim and pirates can be scarier than the dead. Is Alicia’s short-wave-radio friend, Jack, a pirate? This week, our friends seek shelter with a survivalist family while Daniel wants to learn Strand’s intentions. What do we really know about Strand?

Beach Blanket Walkers

As the waves roll in, they bring along more than the sea shells those two kids are collecting. Are you surprised that walkers can’t drown? They don’t breath, so no problem. Luckily for those two kids, there’s a fence stretching along the coast line that’s keeping the walkers from snacking on them. Who put up the fence? Was it Trump?


Strand is worried. The fire power that destroyed that ship and those people smells of military power and Strand doesn’t want to be next. The decision is made to head to Catrina Island, which is a wildlife preserve. While Travis and Maddy head out to investigate the mysterious lights seen flashing inside a beach house.

End of Days

While Daniel (Ruben Blades) hangs back to keep Strand (Colman Domingo) from taking off in the yacht, Travis, Maddy, Alicia, Nick and Chris head on over to the beach house where they are greeted by a seemingly normal family, but are they. While Nick and Alicia play with little Harry and Willa, Travis and Maddy learn how bad things are in the real world from George and Melissa, the ultimate survivalist entrepreneurs.


Reports are coming in that this infection has spread across the world. The military has been using napalm to fight the infected. For you readers out there too young to remember the Vietnam War, napalm was and is a dirty word. It was the ultimate in fire bombing and it was lethal. San Diego and half the country is toasted… gone. Question… is the government and military trying to contain the disease or wipe out the evidence of how it began? That should keep you awake all night especially if you remember that “you are what you eat.”

But on Catrina Island, George has turned the Wildlife preserve into a barrier against the tide walkers that keep washing up on the beach and, George keeps busy mending the fence that also keeps the shuffling vacationers at the Marina from heading his way.


I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming George and Melissa were to a bunch of strangers, but the shit had just hit the fan and humanity hasn’t realized how close to the drain they are. Melissa was actually the one who purposely played with the lights in hopes that Maddy and the others would visit. Yep in the early days of the apocalypse people were still being neighborly. But, Maddy’s not stupid and it doesn’t take her long to figure out why Melissa signaled the ship.

George is a good man, but the guy is a dead-on prepper, regardless what Seth thinks. He’s turned that wildlife preserve into his version of the Alamo. He and his family might actually survive if: the food supply lasts; if meaner neighbors like Negan don’t show up; if the fence stays up… but, the cincher that George is a prepper were the pills he had stashed away for emergencies.


Alicia and Nick got really chummy with the kids, but Nick really gets the apocalypse. He understands what’s going on better than everyone else except for the mysterious Strand. I think Strand knows plenty. Little Harry shows Nick his toy soldiers and some have a red dot on their head and Nick realizes this kid is just as savvy as him.


Chris learns from Seth that killing walkers can do a lot to relieve your anger and your pain over losing your mom. Did you recognize one of the fence walkers? She was from Flight 462. Travis should have stood back and let his son swing away because normal no longer exists.


Okay, we’re all asking the same questions. Who is Strand? Why did he take Team Travis with him? Who was he talking to on the phone? Thankfully, Daniel is a foxy type of sociopath and he finds Strand’s gun and maps. Ophelia finally gets her dad. He is the apocalypse in a way. He is a cruel man, just like the world they are now living in, but at least for now, she understands him. So far the cat and mouse game between Daniel and Strand is the best thing going on this show. I can’t wait to see these two fight it out.


Maddy tried to honor Melissa’s wish to take Willa and Harry on the Abigail, but Willa saw those pills that Nick found and she took one because kids are curious. Is it just me? Why aren’t parents doing a better job of watching their kids during an apocalypse? Like a flashback from Night of the Living Dead, Willa takes a chunk out of Melissa. Welcome to the end of times!


Maddy takes Harry to the boat and doesn’t back down when Strand objects. We don’t know if Willa ate George, but Seth is not letting Harry leave the refuge. I get it. It’s Seth’s job to take care of his little brother.

As the Abigail sails away to ports unknown, Team Travis watch as Seth has to kill his mom. We have front-row-seats and see how people behaved when the craziness first began. Most of mankind was not prepared when the apocalypse first hit and they became walkers. The ones like George who did prepare, survived just a bit longer.


In the end, it is people like Strand and Team Travis who will make the longer journey. They only have to worry about pirates and walkers for now. Walkers are easy to kill, but there will come a day when humans stop being civil, when they’re not neighborly and that is when Team Travis will have to fight the living.

See you next week, my little walker snacks, stay out of the water.

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