Planting A Sci-Fi Seed With Trees #1 On The Wednesday Run

Science fiction and comic books. It’s a match made in heaven.

I suppose it no longer needs to be said. Sci-fi storytelling in everyone’s favourite art form is no longer resurgent. Nope. It’s now firmly entrenched. And you can thank publisher Image Comics for that sea change.

Over the last few years, while the big two focused on revamping their lines of superhero comics featuring the words “New” and “Now”, Image busily got to work, publishing great science fiction comics by fantastic creators. Follow me after the break and I’ll plant the seed on their latest offering that is Trees #1.

Trees 1 coverTrees #1

Written by: Warren Ellis

Illustrated by: Jason Howard

Published by: Image Comics

Another Wednesday, another great science fiction comic book courtesy of publisher Image Comics. This is becoming routine. Last week, it was Saga #19. A few months ago, it was The Fuse #1. Before that, it was Black Science #1. And before that it was Lazarus #1. These have been amazing titles to read, each and every one, each and every month.

And the latest offering? Well, that would be the previously mentioned Trees #1, a new series courtesy of acclaimed comic book writer and novelist, Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Planetary, The Authority, Crooked Little Vein and Gun Machine) and artist Jason Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man, Super Dinosaur, Scatterlands).

Trees begins ten years after alien entities, a sort of immense and towering sentinel that resemble the trunk of trees and extend from ground to sky, have landed all over the globe: in cities, in oceans, on beach fronts and deserts and jungles, exerting silent pressure on our world. Humankind has finally learned that there is intelligent life in the universe but that life doesn’t recognize humans as intelligent – or even alive.

Just as we might treat lesser beings, these aliens have landed on this planet and treated it like we were not even here.

Like the best science fiction, Trees is a metaphor for our own, present day world. It sheds light on how we treat our planet, the various life forms on it as well as each other. It’s a story that will entertain and provoke thought.

The seed has already been planted – now it’s time to harvest! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Trees #1.

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