In the Flesh S02 E03


Last week’s episode was crazy! Kieren and friends are forced to work on a chain gang. Philip dates partially dead hookers. Simon served sheep brains to his dead guests at the ULA party. Maxine posts pictures on her wall, but unfortunately for Kieren, we’re not talking Facebook. Will the PDS victims survive Maxine’s draconian takeover? Grab your plate of brains and follow me.

Guilt Trips

Freddie Preston (Bryan Parry) is watching a video of his and Haley’s wedding. Nice right? Not really, Freddie is partially dead and Haley (Linzey Cocker) is now married to Amir (Sacha Dhawan). I have to say that Amir is either very understanding or he’s very stupid. Amir has allowed Freddie to live in the house with Haley and him for several months. Freddie sleeps in the next bedroom and hears everything that goes on with Haley and Amir. Embarrassing! When Freddie brings up a past event involving Haley and a skimpy bikini, Amir loses it. He wants Freddie gone, but when he tries to get Haley to side with him; she remains silent. Silence is sometimes louder than a scream, and Freddie thinks he might have a second chance with Haley.


Jem is full of guilt. She’s done something bad, very bad. After Kieren arrives home he casually mentions that Henry has the hots for Jem. Ouch! Henry may have had the hots for Jem, but that bullet to the brain erased all school boy crushes along with some chunks of his brain.

Jem may have wanted to rejoin the Human Volunteer Force, but she finds herself unprepared to return to the hunt. Maybe having a partially dead brother is the cause for her hesitation. Unable to deal with killing Henry, Jem visits Maxine and confesses. Maxine was adamant about seeing Henry’s body and forced Jem to take her to the body, Henry is gone. Where the heck did Henry go?


Kieren’s not pleased with the way Simon leads on Amy, but Simon has a comeback, “I do love her, but not in that way.” Yeah right, we heard that song and dance before and so has Kieren who wants to protect Amy. I can’t get a feel for Simon. I don’t know if he’s one of the good guys or if he has his own agenda, but I don’t trust him. He’s convinced Amy to not take the state appointed shots even though she’s suffering from severe tremors. More confusing is Simon’s need to find the first person to rise from the grave in Roarton. How will this information help Simon and the Undead Prophet? I don’t know, but I think Kieren was the first.


When the partially dead appear for their ‘Give Back’ assignments, they are surprised to learn that they’ll be doing more than building a fence. I think the partially dead are finally realizing that they are nothing more than indentured slaves and have to go where they’re sent. While Kieren and Simon help out at the hospital; Amy is asked to be Phillip’s secretary. She shows her disproval by answering the phone, “Village of the Damned, how may I help you?” I love Amy’s spunkiness.


Simon and Kieren are required to clean the cages of the rabid dead and are shocked when the nurse uses a guide stick to lead the rabid prisoners around. Simon wants to start the revolution right then and there, but Kieren is not so sure. After Kieren forces Simon to return the key for the cages to the head nurse, Simon breaks off their friendship. It was upsetting to see how the nurse treated the rabid patients.

Remember Freddie? Well, he bribes his friend Dean into giving him some time to get Haley a present for her birthday. Encouraged by Haley’s hesitancy to throw him out of the house, Freddie believes he still has a chance to win his wife back. He picks her up at work and takes her to the place where he proposed to her.

Poor Freddie just didn’t get it. After you die things change and absence doesn’t always make the heart fonder. Haley’s new husband is a dependable man and a good man who encourages Haley to grow and advance in her job. Freddie, on the other hand, was a loser when alive and now he’s… partially dead. Even though Haley refuses to leave Amir, Freddie has one more trick up his sleeve.


Henry’s mom is frantic because her son is missing. Was he upset over the mishap in school with the blue oblivion drug? Maxine is cold as ice. She knows what really happened to Henry, but Gary destroyed the body to protect Jem and the HVF. Maxine tells Henry’s mom some bulls**t story of him joining a radical group.


Maxine might represent the law right now in Roarton, but she’s not above breaking it. In her opinion, the partially dead are one missed injection from eating you, and she may be right. Freddie became rabid after missing his daily shot and almost made Haley an evening snack. But I think there is more to this story than Maxine is revealing. Why the need to find the first risen? Is Maxine correct in thinking the first risen have returned with special powers? Will the first to rise be the catalyst for the second rising? She and Simon are on the same track.


Freddie has missed his daily shot and that is bad news because Haley is locked in the garage with. Freddie doesn’t want to hurt her, but he’s becoming rabid and Haley calls for help. Guess who is assigned to the call? Yep, it’s Gary. His call to Jem for back up brings Kieren to the scene instead. Gary would have killed Freddie in cold blood if Kieren and Amir weren’t there to administer the shot. Upset that Freddie is hauled away to be rehabilitated, Kieren joins Simon’s revolution with a big kiss. Was Amy jealous?

How does a revolution begin? With the PDS removing their flesh colored makeup.


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