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In the Flesh S02 E03


Last week’s episode was crazy! Kieren and friends are forced to work on a chain gang. Philip dates partially dead hookers. Simon served sheep brains to his dead guests at the ULA party. Maxine posts pictures on her wall, but unfortunately for Kieren, we’re not talking Facebook. Will the PDS victims survive Maxine’s draconian takeover? Grab your plate of brains and follow me.

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In The Flesh S02 E02

In The Flesh

The war is on between the radical Undead Liberation Army and the Human Volunteer Force, and while the Vicar hoped for a second rising, his heart attack enabled Vicus Maxine to steal the book and the names of Roarton’s re-animated. Kieren is not only on that list, but out of a job thanks to Gary, a bounty hunter who hunts the rabid dead. Will Amy and Simon, both disciples of the Undead Prophet, convert Kieren to their radical beliefs? Let’s visit the merry town of Roarton to find out. Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E01: Season Premiere


What is it with our fascination with the shuffling, rotting, dead people? Do zombies help us deal with our own unavoidable appointment with death? Maybe… maybe not, but you have to admit that zombies are never dull and there are books, movies and television series to prove this. Last year, BBC America showcased a three part supernatural drama series called “In the Flesh,” created and written by Dominic Mitchell, it focuses on events after the zombie apocalypse and in particular on the rehabilitated zombies. Can zombies mingle with the living? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Gilbert’s Review of “In the Flesh”

In the Flesh posterEven though I’m struggling to survive without “The Walking Dead” until its return with season 4, I’m still able to satisfy my love for zombies with BBC America’s new series, “In the Flesh.” We were treated to a three day preview this past weekend. A second extended series of the show is planned for 2014. “In the Flesh” was created and written by Dominic Mitchell and stars Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker. This show allows us to see the world through zombie eyes. What’s it like to be a zombie? Let’s find out together, after the jump.

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