On the Road Warrior with Terry Hayes

Mel Gibson, back when he just acted crazy.

Apocalypticism is all the rage, again, as it has been. We just can’t get enough of the world falling apart around us. Maybe cuz there’s a few wee inklings we’re headed that way, I don’t know. But if you’re zipping past the end of the world on a tank of fumes, who’s a better traveling companion than wild-eyed young Mel Gibson? TIFF is fortunate to be presenting a special screening of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, with writer Terry Hayes introducing. Hayes, who has a thriller novel of his own called I am Pilgrim coming out soon, co-wrote the screenplay with director George Miller. He’ll be on-hand at the Toronto screening for some Q&A as well as signing copies of the new book. If you haven’t seen The Road Warrior, it’s a dystopian treat, as the somewhat unhinged Max comes to the aid of a peaceful commune under siege by desert marauders. Mayhem, explosions and wreckage ensue, along with some fantastic eighties punk hairstyles. It all goes down on Monday, May 26th at 7pm, details here.


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