Orphan Black S02 E06: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings

"Orphan Black" Ep 206 Day 7 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013

Don’t you love the titles? I do. Who knew cloning could be so much fun. Last week’s episode showed Rachael for the Queen Bee that she is and this Queen Bee surrounds herself with drones; powerful men who serve her every wish, but can she trust any of them? Sarah stopped Helena from killing Rachel and now our sisters are on the road looking for the Swan Man. Will they find him? Find out after we splice your Introns.

Road Trip

The sister clones are having a ball while on their quest to find Ethan Duncan aka the Swan Man. This trip gives Sarah and Helena the bonding time they’ve been denied all these years. I love Helena when she’s in her bad ass mad hatter persona, but it’s refreshing to see the gentle side of her, too. Sarah and Helena are having fun just like real sisters do, but more important, they are learning to trust each other.


Helena asked a very important question in this episode. If Sarah was able to have a baby could she? She’s good with kids; we saw her interaction with Kira in season one. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think Helena would be a good mother. There is just one little problem. Hendrik stole her eggs. While the clones sleep, Paul goes through the truck’s glove compartment and finds the picture of Swan man. How the hell did he find the girls? Is the truck bugged?

Clone Love

Sarah investigates if Andrew Peckham and Ethan Duncan are one and the same man. He is. She searches through the archives and finds out about the Cold Water Institute. I wish Sarah hadn’t left Helena alone in the truck. Helena is a magnet for trouble.

Helena enters the neighborhood bar for a few drinks. When a trucker tries to hit on Helena, she shows him why it’s not nice to mess with the mad hatter. In the process of almost ripping the man’s finger from his hand, Helena meets Jesse (Patrick J. Adams). It’s love at first sight. I really enjoyed Helena’s interaction with Jesse. She doesn’t know how to act around a man, so they pass the time arm wrestling. Helena is having so much fun with Jesse that she never notices Paul watching her or Mark entering. How the hell did Mark know Helena was in that bar? Did Paul call him?

"Orphan Black" Ep 206 Day 7 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013

While Jesse and Helena slow dance, Paul and Mark (Ari Millen) make a deal; Mark gets Helena and Paul gets Sarah, but Carl the trucker messes up everyone’s plans by cutting in on our two love birds. Unfortunately for Carl he learns that Helena has a short fuse, and Helena is arrested. While Helena is sitting in the police station, Gracie shows up. She wants Helena to come back with her and confirms that Hendrik does have Helena’s eggs. Mark shows up to take Helena and Gracie back to the farm.  Not a smart move on Helena’s part.


Yes, Alison is back and she’s pissed at Donnie for not bringing the kids to visit. Alison has to play nice with the other patients at rehab and join in on the group sessions. One of the people in the group is Vic (Michael Mando), Sarah’s old flame. He thinks Alison and Sarah are twins even after Alison tells him they are clones. Vic is not that smart, but he takes a liking to Alison or so we think.



Felix is going through his own therapeutic healing with some booze. Felix is too funny even when he’s mad. Art Bell is there to calm him down and show him the clues he found in Helena’s storage locker. This was stuff dug up by Maggie Chin, but how will it help the clones? Felix can complain all he wants, but we know he just loves being dragged into the clones’ escapades.

Cosima’s friend Scott is offered a job by Dr. Leekie to work with Cosima and Delphine on a case study, but he doesn’t know it’s about Cosima’s illness. Scott finds an important clue about the clones’ DNA and it has to do with Kira. Delphine tells Scott to keep this information from Cosima. Why?


Ethan Duncan

We finally get to meet the mysterious Swan Man aka Rachael’s father, but he’s not alone. Mrs. S is also there. Seems that Ethan (Andrew Gillies) is not the evil scientist we were led to believe he was. He loves Rachael and hates Leekie. Why? While Sarah learns some troubling information about spindle proteins, Rachael, Dyad, the military and Dr. Leekie, Mrs. S goes outside to talk to Paul.


There were lots of genetic terminology thrown at us tonight: spindle proteins; nature vs. nurture; Project LEDA and STR LOCI, which has to do with profiling. Neolutionist believe in self-guided evolution while the Proletheans view it as an abomination. Helena and Sarah are a classic example of nature vs. nurture.

I did pick up on one thing Ethan mentioned, all the clones were girls. They needed girls. Why just girls and why, oh, why was the military involved?  Ethan loved his daughter Rachael but someone took Rachael away. This someone also killed Ethan’s wife, Susan.


The clones don’t know who to trust. Alison, who has been betrayed so many times, thinks Vic is a friend; he’s a spy for Detective Angela. Paul is playing both sides and using the clones, including Rachael, for his own agenda and that makes him a jerk. Hendrik may speak of heaven and God, but he is a tyrant and a killer, and he holds Helena’s eggs as ransom.

We’re left with Mrs. S and Dr. Leekie. Who are they? Did Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) kill Susan? The plot thickens, but thankfully for our clones, they have Felix.

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