Bates Motel Season 2 Finale: The Immutable Truth




What are we to do with the Bates? No matter how hard they try to fit in, they are the triangles in a town of squares. Poor Norma tried to improve her status by mingling with the powerful people of the town, but thanks to Nick Ford, Norman is in a box and slipping in and out of his multiple personalities. Dylan… our little stud muffin is in a heap of trouble. Will the Bates make it through the night? Book a room and find out, after the jump.


Norman is cold, wet, hungry, and buried alive. Luckily for him, Romero and Dylan have joined forces to find him. After Dylan tells Romero that Nick Ford is dead, Romero finds Ford’s security guy robbing the safe. Romero could care less about the dead body in the living room or the ongoing robbery, he only wants the boy. Romero and Dylan are sent on a scavenger hunt that leads them to the much traumatized Norman.

Norma immutable truth

Even knowing that Norman killed his teacher, you feel sorry for him. He is a sick boy, and a killer, but he’s not bad. There is a special bond between Dylan and Norman. They love each other and nothing Norma does will ever break the bond. Romero is the biggest surprise of the season, because he is not the coldhearted bastard we were led to believe he was. I’m glad Norman was found by these two men.

Norma rushes to the hospital acting all motherly smothery over Norman as if it was she who saved him, and barely acknowledges Dylan until he tells her that Romero and he found Norman. When Norman tells Norma that he remembers what happened to the teacher; she shuts him down. But… there’s a look in Norman’s eyes that speaks volumes. When Norma brings Norman home, Norman realizes that Emma is hurting and has given her notice.



Norman is getting his affairs in order. No matter how many times he tells Norma that he killed Miss Watson, she won’t listen. As his first step in getting his affairs in order, Norman realizes that Emma feels left out and decides to tell her everything, well almost everything, in an attempt to keep her there at the motel. Sweet boy wanted Emma to feel like part of the family.

Norman even spends an evening dancing with mother. What mother doesn’t know is that Norman has a gun and plans to end it all. He knows that he’s sick and he knows how he will stop it. When Norma finds a stuffed bird and a farewell note from her son, she takes off at Olympic speed across the highway and through the woods searching for her son and somehow gets the gun from him. Norman asks how his father died, and of course, Norma lies. But her lies don’t work on everyone.


Christine bumps into Norma at the supermarket and tells her off.  Christine has Norma’s number alright, especially after the way Norma treated George. And, I don’t think Norma will be part of the town council for very long.

You haven’t forgotten about mad hatter Zane, have you? The knucklehead doesn’t know when to leave town. After Zane finds out that Dylan succeeded in killing Nick Ford, he’s tricked by Jodi into stopping by the house. It’s a trap and Romero and Dylan are waiting there. The plan backfires and Zane kills Jodi. Romero solves the problem of Zane with a double barrel shotgun and then offers Dylan the job of head honcho over White Pine Bay’s little drug cartel. Hey, the pay is good and you get health benefits.


Romero demands that Norman take the polygraph test. Romero needs to clear his conscience and hopes he didn’t send the wrong man to jail for murder. Norma is in a panic. She knows what that test will prove. Norma starts looking for a new place to live.

Romero immutable truth


Heads up to my friends in Canada! Norma’s looking to move to Montreal. But, Dylan knows that Norman might be sick and he tells mom to do the right thing and get help for Norman. Dylan was taken by surprise when Norma told him that she bought three tickets to Montreal. He’s back in the fold again… until he pisses her off.


Everything for the last few weeks was leading to the big polygraph test. But, there never was a problem. Norman passed the test. The mind works in mysterious ways to protect what it cannot handle. Norman answered every question truthfully, even the question asking if he had murdered Miss Watson. Norman said no. He told the truth.

Unknown to the investigator, there were two people in that room; Norman and his alter ego. His other personality stepped in to save the boy. When the investigator asked Norman if he killed his teacher, Norma/Norman answered no.


“Bates Motel” will have a third season and I’m looking forward to reviewing it for all the lovely Biff Bam Pop! followers. One last note: Mental illness should not be hidden or swept under the carpet, like Norma is doing with her son. The stigma should be removed from the disease, and professional help should be available and affordable for all.

Freddie Highmore has proven himself a wonderfully talented young actor, who has made us feel pity for the boy who will grow up to be a cold blooded killer. The movie Psycho, showed us the end results of a tortured life, but “Bates Motel” shows how this life was nurtured under the guise of a loving mother. Kudos to Freddie Highmore, A&E and the cast of “Bates Motel.”

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