Bates Motel S02 E04: Check-Out


Well, the tomcat is out of the bag and poor Dylan learns the truth about Uncle/Daddy. Yep, Uncle Caleb is a dirt bag and a rapist. Stuck with a boss who thinks he’s Tony Soprano and learning that he’s a product of sibling rape, Dylan is not a happy camper. He carries the double whammy of bad genes. On the bright side, Norma is making friends with the right people… or is she. Let’s drop into the scenic town of White Pine Bay and check on the wacky doings of the Bates family.


Poor Emma wakes up in bed with the hunk in room 7. She can’t remember what happened, but she doesn’t have time to think about it because Dylan (Max Thieriot) is dead drunk and parked in front of the motel. Norman and Emma get Dylan into one of the motel rooms to sleep it off. Emma wants to know what’s going on, but Norman brushes her off. I really don’t like the way Norman treats Emma.


Dylan is sound asleep and misses Norma’s fussing over him. This is the first time I’ve seen Norma show any tenderness towards her older son. I wonder what his childhood was like and if Norma was a loving mother. When Norman brings Dylan breakfast, Dylan asks him, “How long have you known about Caleb?”

Norman’s reply, “I didn’t.”


Norman should be used to his mother’s mood swings, but her depression over Dylan’s situation leaves Norman feeling a big unfocused. Did he really forget that Norma told him about the rape? I think he did. Norman doesn’t know how to handle Norma’s sadness, but I have to say it’s kind of creepy the way they snuggle in bed; very creepy.

When Norman confides in Cody about his uncle, she offers to help him take care of the problem and brings a tire iron with them to the motel Caleb is staying at. Cody is bad news. Norman doesn’t need another domineering female telling him what to do. Luckily Norman backed down before anything happened, but later, when he hears Norma and Dylan discussing the gritty details of the rape. Norman returns to Caleb’s motel. Uh oh!



Norma is sincerely upset for Dylan and angry at Caleb for coming to town. When Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) tries to get Norma to double date with her, Peter and George (Michael Vartan), Norma refuses. Christine doesn’t take no for an answer and that night, Norman goes on a double date with George.

At dinner, Christine and Peter talk about route 66 and the new stores that will come with the bypass. They’re happy; Norma isn’t. George is a nice guy and sympathizes with Norma’s plight about the motel and the bypass. I really like this new Norma. She is acting all happy, flirty and enchanted with George. Will it last? I don’t know but I love the new Norma.


I swear Zane (Michael Eklund) reminds me of cross between the Fonz and Tony Soprano. The leather jacket is the finishing touch. Zane’s not too bright and doesn’t take Sheriff Romero’s friendly advice. I’m hoping this character lasts for the entire season. That man is crazy… but funny to watch.



Emma and the boy in room 7 haven’t had sex yet, but will. They’re sweet on each other and Emma needs someone who appreciates her. Norma is falling for George, and although they haven’t had sex yet, I’m guessing it won’t be long before they do. Cody likes Norman, but she’s bad news.

Sheriff Romero’s chat with Zane goes very wrong and Romero comes home to find his house on fire. Is Zane that stupid? I’m thinking, yep! This show focused on the brothers and how they deal with stress. Dylan is confused over who he is and feels used by Norma, but he’s strong and will survive. Norman is another story. Norman pays Uncle Caleb a visit, but it’s not Norman, not really. Norman has gone away; far away. Caleb gets out of town before Norman can hurt him and Cody takes the catatonic Norman home. It was scary watching Norman’s split personality come out, but it explains his blackouts. Does he become Norma whenever he blacks out? I don’t know. What do you think?

See you next week at the Bates Motel but stay away from Norman. He’s not himself.

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