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Biff Bam Pop EXCLUSIVE: Andy Burns Talks to Michael Eklund About ‘Stegman Is Dead’

Michael Eklund is one of the hardest working actors around. Along with starring on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Wynonna Earp, he’s a familiar face to movie fans. The Vancouver-based Eklund has been featured in Chokeslam and The Sound (with Rose McGowan) in 2017 alone. He’s currently starring as the lead in Stegman Is Dead, a new crime film directed by David Hyde and co-starring Michael Ironside (V, Total Recall, The Machinist). In Stegman is Dead, Eklund plays Gus, a low-level criminal hired by Don (Ironside) to retrieve an incriminating video tape.

I first discovered Michael Eklund’s work in 2011’s The Divide, where he stole the entire film about survivors of a nuclear holocaust. When I had the chance to talk ask talk to him over email about his work, I jumped at the opportunity. Eklund is smart, articulate and passionate, and in possession of outstanding acting abilities. On that note, here’s our interview:

Andy Burns: You, sir, are one of the hardest working actors I have ever seen. Before we even get into Stegman is Dead, talk to me about why you like to stay so busy, and how you stay organized?

Michael Eklund: Well, that is nice of you to say. However, I would disagree. It seems to me that every time I turn on the television or see a film there are more and more extremely talented actors and film makers creating and displaying amazing work. It is a very exciting time right now for artists as well for the audiences. There are no more excuses. If you are not working then you can literally pick up a camera and create your own work. Write something. Shoot something. Create something. Art can be created anywhere. And it isn’t limited to anyone or any kind. The work that is coming out from all territories of the world is inspiring. The bar is being raised at an accelerated rate like no other time I have ever seen. It just keeps getting better and better. The gap, or rather, the road block in the way of working and creating and being permitted to work and create has been closed and removed. You seriously have no reason or excuse nowadays to say that opportunities are not there. We live in a time with the technology present that we are able to create our own opportunities and if you are not then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

I know I could be doing more. Creating more. And if I don’t someone else will. And you don’t want to be caught sleeping at the wheel, because if you are you can be sure that the next artist is going to run you off the road. If I don’t stay busy then I will find myself rolled over in a ditch with my hazard lights on and help isn’t on its way because everyone else is too busy to stop. So being organized is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. If you don’t have your stuff figured out or don’t have your shit together than you better do it quick and you better do it now because in this business no one owes you anything. It no longer is a question of how you do. It is an answer of you must do.
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Bates Motel S02 E08: Meltdown


Norma, so sure of her control over Norman, is shocked when her youngest gives her a taste of teenage A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. Welcome to the real world of teenagers and their angst, Norma. On last week’s episode, Norman learns that mother is keeping secrets and he’s not a happy camper. Norman may have gotten a “get out of jail” card from the sheriff, but that was before the DNA results came in. Poor Dylan is in danger and Zane is out of control. Will Norman be arrested for Miss Watson’s murder? One never knows with the Bates.

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Bates Motel S02 E04: Check-Out


Well, the tomcat is out of the bag and poor Dylan learns the truth about Uncle/Daddy. Yep, Uncle Caleb is a dirt bag and a rapist. Stuck with a boss who thinks he’s Tony Soprano and learning that he’s a product of sibling rape, Dylan is not a happy camper. He carries the double whammy of bad genes. On the bright side, Norma is making friends with the right people… or is she. Let’s drop into the scenic town of White Pine Bay and check on the wacky doings of the Bates family.

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Gilbert Checks into the Bates Motel


I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the Bates Motel because there’s never a dull moment. What with Norman obsessing over Miss Watson’s death and Norma’s fight against the bypass, episode one was all about Norma’s new outlook on life. But we all know the good times won’t last… not if the townsfolk have their way. With four new characters added to season 2, what shenanigans will Norma and Norman get themselves into? Let’s find out together after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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