Resurrection S01 E03: Two Rivers


What did they find in the coffin? Last week’s episode ended with a court order to open Jacob’s coffin and no one was happy with that, least of all Henry Langston. What did Bellamy and Maggie find and what will their discovery imply? Find out after the jump.


We start off this episode with a flashback as Henry (Kurtwood Smith) looks down on his son’s body in the coffin. Quick forward, 30 years and Henry is watching Jacob (Landon Gimenez) play ball with Lucille (Frances Fisher) in the yard. Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Maggie (Devin Kelly) are more puzzled than ever when they find the original Jacob still in his coffin. Bellamy is surprised to see that dead Jacob has on the red shirt that living Jacob was found in. He clips the tag off the shirt and later compares it with living Jacob’s shirt. Identical even to Jacob’s name being handwritten on the label. Okay, so now that we’ve eliminated a possible repeat of the biblical Lazarus story, it leaves Bellamy, Maggie and we viewers with two scenarios; clones or aliens… or maybe both.

Jacob & Henry ep 3


Lucille doesn’t care that there are two Jacobs, but Henry does. Whenever he starts to feel close to live Jacob, he gets strange symptomatic pains in his arm. Henry is like the rest of the townsfolk who shun Jacob as a freak of nature and evil. Pastor Tom is surprised at the town council’s reaction to Lucille bring live Jacob to help out with a charitable arts and craft project. The town council lays down the rules to Pastor Tom, “Get rid of the dead kid.”

What is it with religious people? The Bible is plump full of miraculous events, but Arcadia’s church goers don’t like their miracles walking around the town and joining in church activities. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to be happy if we find out that Jacob and Caleb or clones or aliens, but they shouldn’t be so closed minded because, if your faith is strong enough, it will survive anything; even a scientific explanation.

The Sheriff

Fred Langston (Matt Craven) can deny all he wants that Jacob, or something resembling his nephew, is back, but he can’t deny that his wife had an affair; so what he does next is really stupid. Small town sheriff or not, I don’t think it wise to show up at the neighborhood bar and tell the poor barkeep and the patrons the whole soap opera about your dead wife’s extra curricula escapades. Dumber yet, is to mention what you would like to do her former boyfriend who just happens to be drinking at the bar. Sheriff Langston needs to pay attention to the real bad guys. Speaking of bad guys…



Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) is worried. There’s not enough money to keep the house stocked with enough food and Caleb (Sam Hazeldine) is eating her and big brother Ray out of house and home. Caleb surprises Elaine with a bag lunch at her job, but we all know that it’s nothing more than a ruse. He needs to check out something on her computer. Although Elaine doesn’t see through her father’s lies, Ray does. He’s been following dear departed and newly returned dad around the town.

Bellamy and Maggie decide to check out Caleb’s cabin since this is where his body was found. Maggie suspects that the river is somehow tied in with the returning dead. Some of Caleb’s ashes were sprinkled in the river and Jacob drowned there. Good thinking, Maggie. As she takes a water sample, her and Bellamy hear a rifle shot and meet some by some nosy hunters.

After reaching the Caleb’s cabin they are confused by the grave size holes scattered around the property. Bellamy picks up a rubber mask from the ground and then sees Ray (Travis Young) hiding in the shrubs. They give chase and then Ray tells Bellamy and Maggie what he thinks Caleb really is. I like Ray. He may look a bit slow, but he’s actually figured out what is going on. He tells Bellamy and Maggie a story that he overheard between his dad and his friends about a spaceship crashing into the river. Did he say spaceship?



Okay, now with Ray’s revelation about an alien ship crashing into the river, we might be getting closer to the truth and what Jacob, Caleb and Rachael truly are. Yes, there is a new returned in town and Pastor Tom (Mark Hildreth) knows who she is, but his wife isn’t going to take this news with a happy face. If word gets out that the plane that crashed into the river was really a spaceship, then we should be expecting the military to soon show up. The government can’t have a panic going or the truth getting out.

resurrection cast

With this newest twist in the story, I’m keeping an eye on the events going on in Arcadia. The Returned just got interesting, especially since we may be dealing with aliens after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if two other agents drop into Arcadia. This would be right up Agents Mulder and Scully’s alley. See you next week and stay away from the river.

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