The Walking Dead S04 E12: Still


First pudding and then crazy cheese! Last week’s episode was one surprise after another with Michonne opening up her heart and soul to Carl. I’m sensing some vibes going on between Rick and our Ninja warrior. Will they become a couple? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out because they’re on the run again. I’m starting to like Sgt. Abraham Ford, but I’m not too sure about mullet man, Eugene. I have two questions. What’s Daryl cooking for dinner and what did he do before the apocalypse? Find out after the jump.

Running on Empty

The moon is out and it’s the perfect night for a leisurely jaunt from walkers. Yes, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beth (Emily Kinney) are surrounded by a horde, but luckily find shelter in the trunk of an abandoned car. Fast thinking on Daryl’s part, but did those walkers sound a little bit more vocal than normal? The craziest thing ran through my mind with Daryl and Beth hiding in the trunk, like when was the last time they had a shower?


It’s been a while since they had something decent to eat, but when Daryl’s arrow breaks while hunting, you see and feel his frustration and maybe the fear that he’s running low on arrows. But, thanks to his survival skills, dinner is fricasseed snake. It’s been a rough day for Beth, she looking for a little understanding or maybe something more from Daryl, but failing that, she wants to have her first drink and she wants it now, damn it! It was refreshing to see Beth act a bit more demanding.


Country Club

Pine Vista is one hell of a strange country club. It seems the staff, as a social statement, had strung up the country club members like piñatas. Talk about your class wars. And yes, my little zombie snacks, there are zombie golfers. In fact Daryl and Beth not only find a female walker with a sign hung around her neck that says “Rich Bitch” but Daryl gets to take a practice swing with a number nine iron on walkers. You can’t beat the tongue in cheek humor of this show. I love the writers. Beth wants to celebrate with a bottle of peach schnapps, but Daryl shoots her down. Our little stud muffin is one pissy bad mood. Why?

Home Sweet Home

It’s only a shanty in old shanty town, or… it could be home to Daryl. They find a shack and some moonshine and decide to spend the time playing Truth or Dare. Beth is an innocent, so what the heck could she say to shock us? But, Daryl’s admission that he’s never been out of Georgia or on a vacation is downright sad, and his previous life with good ole dad sounded rougher than the apocalypse. He refuses to tell Beth or us what he did before the world went batshit crazy. Why is Daryl so angry and will Beth get him to talk?

Beth ep 12


Tonight’s episode was about two of the main characters. We learned secrets. We found out what Daryl did before the apocalypse; absolutely nothing. He was a ‘nobody’ and a redneck loser who followed his big brother around. He’s angry because he couldn’t save the people at the prison; couldn’t save Hershel. Little Beth, the show’s very own Pollyanna finally finds her voice and stands up for herself, even when Daryl tries to get her to use the crossbow against her will. “Hey, big guy. I’m a survivor too.” Yes you are Beth, and you were able to get our little stud muffin to open up.

Daryl and Beth

When Beth hugged Daryl from behind, I kind of expected them to get it on, but the only hot stuff to happen was their burning down that old shack. It was the perfect symbol for shedding the old life and taking on a new, and the one finger salute was the icing on the cake. At the end of this episode, Daryl was positively beaming. Kudos to Beth.

As a member of the Zombie Squad, I’m enjoying the helpful hints given on “Talking Dead” on how to survive any disaster including a zombie attack. Take notes, boys and girls, and remember the hashtags for Twitter during last night’s episode were #nineiron, #dinnersnake, and #boobpottery. See you next week, my little zombie snacks, and watch out for those country club piñatas.

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  1. Great recap, Marie. All the photos fit perfectly with your summary and I loved how you ended it!

    1. Thank you, Jack. I really enjoyed learning so much about Daryl and guess what? I like him better knowing he was just a nobody like the rest of us

  2. Really liked this episode. Daryl just is the best of them and am liking Beth, flipping the bird was a great ending 😀

    1. Hi Tim! It was such a great show and I can’t wait to see where this storyline goes with the two of them. I think Daryl and Michonne are the apocalypse super heroes of TWD

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