Biff Bam Pop Holiday Gift Guide: Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop! Anthology

This holiday season, a lot of books are going to be given as gifts. Due to recent film releases, how many copies of Life of Pi, The Hobbit or Les Miserables are going to make their way under the tree? How many copies of <a-hem> Fifty Shades of Grey will be wrapped up with a red bow?

With the release of the iPad Mini, how many of those devices and other reading tablets will find themselves in the hands of readers with smiling faces by the 25th of this month? I’ll tell you the answer: lots.

Lots and lots and lots.

Well, we’ve got you covered at Biff Bam Pop! Books can be expensive and tablets need e-books to make them worthwhile. And if you haven’t already heard (or need to be reminded), our first short story anthology, Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology is waiting for you to gift to a loved one or yourself this holiday season!

You can read just how strange – and how cool – it is after the jump!

Earlier this year, we here at Biff Bam Pop! put out a public call to all writers of short horror and thriller fiction. What we received back from both new and established authors of the genres blew our minds!

StrangeWorld_CvrBBP! compatriots Andrew Burns, David Sandford Ward, Corina Newby and yours truly, spent many a spring, summer and fall morning and evening putting the anthology together. It was tough work. Coffee was brewed. Many stories needed to be read. There were debates, of course. Many stories needed to be re-read. More coffee was brewed. Stories were championed. Text was coded. And more than a few breakfasts were heartily eaten! You can hear more about the making of Strange World, including some interesting background on the writing of some of those stories, towards the end of the November 29 episode of the Biff Bam Popcast!

And speaking of tales, Strange World contains thirteen of them for the super low price of 99 cents! That’s right! You can give the gift of literacy (you know, in a scary, horrific and terrifying fashion) this holiday season without breaking the bank!

Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology begins with a fantastic introduction by New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry, of whom we’re all fans. It’s quickly followed by new and unpublished works of the “strange” from Biff Bam Pop! stalwarts like Andrew Burns, Glenn Walker, Jason Shayer, Lucas Mangum and Ian Rogers. They’re joined by a group of like-minded and talented writers, including Anne Michaud, Rathan Krueger, Jim Morris, Kayla Tyson, Andre Narbonne, JG Chayko and Ken Haigh. These are all great writers with strong voices, telling us stories of wishing wells, vampires in cellars, golems made of dirt, alien abductions, writers of murder mysteries, the inanimate made animate, cruel animal testing, and medium sized coffees that look the colour of blood.

And more, of course!

Currently you can find Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology on it’s own web page or purchase it exclusively from the kobo bookstore in a plethora of file formats for any tablet you may have. There’s even a handy-dandy “Send As Gift” button!

So curl up this winter holiday season – and enjoy the wonderful, the frightening, the horrifying and the always fun, Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology with us!

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