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Hit The Road With ‘American Gods: Shadows #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Gods, immigrants, the old world, the twenty-first century, road trips, deceits, magic and battles.

Under the pen of award-winning author, Neil Gaiman, you know that those seemingly disparate elements will make for a compelling story.

Heck, if you’ve read any of his comic book stories, let along his novels, it sounds a lot like the stuff you probably have in your long box collection: The Sandman, Stardust, Miracleman and Death: The High Cost of Living.

But this time, we’re talking about his Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy and Nebula Award-winning novel, American Gods – which, finally, gets adapted into the comic book forum in a new monthly series from Dark Horse Comics.

And the writer and artists behind that adaptation are as star-powered as the author who penned the original prose.

Today sees the release of American Gods: Shadows #1!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Ant-Man Primer


This weekend the world will be introduced to the Ant-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but before you hit the theaters, do you know what the origins of the comic book version are? How many Ant-Men have there been, and who’s who? He’s my favorite Avenger, so I’m volunteering to give you all the scoop, unbiased, or at least mostly. Learn all about this original Stan Lee Silver Age superhero, after the jump, with Biff Bam Pop’s Ant-Man primer.

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Oh Hell Yeah! Hellboy In Hell #1 And A Hell Of A Hellboy Megabundle On The Wednesday Run – December 5, 2012

If you’re a fan of the gothic horror, pulp adventure and/or fantasy genres in comic books, then the holiday season has come early for you. Yes! Happy Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa. Oh! Happy Day, indeed!

Hellboy is back! And fan-favourite writer, artist and creator of that character, Mike Mignola, is back at the helm, driving the big red lug…well, straight to hell, actually. Hey, it’s a destination that Hellboy was always heading.

In addition to the highly anticipated new series, there’s some (a-hem!) hellishly great savings in the Hellboy back catalogue going on right now too – savings you just can’t pass up!

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