New Releases Falter as ‘Glass’ Remains #1 at the Box Office

It was relatively stable weekend at the box office, as last week’s number one held on to the top spot, while new releases made virtually no impact whatsoever.

M Nigh Shyamalan’s Glass brought in an estimated $19 million, exactly how we thought it would end up. The film’s two week-total now stands $73 million, about $4 million behind where Split was at the time of its run, but that was a standalone film for the most part with its connection to Unbreakable not part of its marketing. I suppose I’m making some excuses for Glass‘ lack of mega-success, but I remember how lacklustre Unbreakable was perceived when it first arrives, and I feel that that’s what we’re seeing here.

I had the chance to view Glass this weekend and 100% enjoyed the film. I felt all of the leads delivered stellar work, and that the story was grounded and thoughtful. The word I actually used at one point was “soul”. This is not an action film; it’s not a thriller; and it’s certainly not a Marvel or DC-style superhero film. Just like Unbreakable wasn’t, either. While it may circle those genres or styles, Glass to me was a drama about exceptional characters dealing with their lives. I loved it a lot, more than Split, which, while I certainly enjoyed, I haven’t felt compelled to revisit. While I could be mistaken, I do envision myself returning again and again to Glass.

As for the rest of the top five, The Upside was in second place with $12 million. Aquaman was in third place with $7.3 million, followed close behind it in in fourth with the debuting The Kid Who Would Be King with $7.2 million. Those two could switch spots when the actuals arrive on Monday. Finally, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse closed things out in fifth place with $6.1 million.

Serenity was a total bust, landing outside the top five with just $4.8 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Glass – $19 million
2) The Upside – $11 million
3) The Kid Who Would Be Kid – $10 million
4) Aquaman – $7 million
5) Serenity – $5 million

And here’s how the weekend is estimated to turn out:

1) Glass – $19 million
2) The Upside – $12 million
3) Aquaman – $7.3 million
4) The Kid Who Would Be Kid – $7.2 million
5) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – $6.1 million

Next weekend sees the release of Miss Bala. Be sure to check back on Friday to see our predictions!

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