The Week In Horror: Godzilla, Glass, Halloween, Creepshow

With San Diego Comic Con and Fantasia Film Fest having both been in full swing this past weekend, there was a lot of horror geek news making the round. Hopefully you followed our coverage of both here on Biff Bam Pop. Lots of great reviews, trailers, and new release news!

One of the biggest bits of monster news came with the release of our first full trailer for Mike Dougherty’s (Trick r’ TreatGodzilla; King of the Monsters. As good as Legendary’s Godzilla and Kong; Skull Island were, KotM looks to up the ante in a huge way, giving Rodan, Mothra, and King Gidorah for Godzilla to throw down with. Also starring Millie Bobbi Brown, Vera Farmiga, and Ken Watanabe. May 2019 can’t arrive soon enough and then the following year we get Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs King Kong.

Oh and modern horror master James Wan dropped the trailer for his big screen adaptation for Aquaman and…its fucking brilliant. But closer to our horror hearts was the release of M Night Shyamalan’s Glass, which continues/connects his previous films Unbreakable and Split.

The SDCC also got treated to new footage from October’s new Halloween film from David Gordon Greene and starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle. I believe the new footage was described as, uh, brutal? Cool. I’m already signed up. Put this movie in my eyes NOW. Also, NECA revealed their new Michael Meyers 7″ action figure, based on the new film’s look. Pre-orders are already up and it retails for $34.99.

And hey, Greg Nicotero (Day of the Dead, Army of Darkness, The Walking Dead) will be teaming up with Shudder next year to bring us Creepshow the series, based on the George Romero films! Which is way more exciting than whatever is happening with Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead at this point.

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