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Doctor Who S10 E12: ‘The Doctor Falls’


For the series ten finale of Doctor Who, things are looking rather grim. The Doctor is surrounded by old enemies, The Master and Mondasian Cybermen, and to make matters worse, not only has companion Bill Potts been transformed into a Cyberman (woman?), but Missy, the version of The Master that The Doctor has been trying to reform, has joined her previous regeneration against her old enemy. Can things get worse? Is this The Doctor’s last stand? Will he regenerate? Check out my thoughts on “The Doctor Falls” after the jump.

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Doctor Who S10 E11: ‘World Enough and Time’


The Doctor’s archenemy, Missy AKA The Master, wants to become one of the good guys, so he sets her, along with his companions Bill and Nardole, on a mission, and things just get worse as they go, as they stumble upon the Mondasian Cybermen in this very offbeat and landmark episode of Doctor Who. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “World Enough and Time.”

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Doctor Who: ‘The Pilot,’ S10 E01


The eras of Doctor Who‘s 50-plus year history are not so much measured by who was The Doctor, as much as who was the companion, especially during the new series. As the tenth season begins, The Doctor takes on a new companion, Bill, for a brand new adventure that may have you steering clear of puddles for a while. Meet me after the time and space jump for my thoughts on “The Pilot.”

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Doctor Who S08 E06: The Caretaker


What’s that? There is fan buzz? People are starting to talk? Are we finally excited about “Doctor Who” again? Has Peter Capaldi finally hit his groove as The Doctor? It seems as though the last two episodes “Listen” and “Time Heist” may have turned some heads finally in regards to Mr. Capaldi. Let’s see if the trend is indeed turning, join me after the jump for my thoughts on “The Caretaker.”

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Doctor Who S08 E03: Robot of Sherwood


The meeting of heroes is always a cool event. Whether it’s Alien and Predator, Frankenstein and the Wolfman, or Superman and Batman, it’s always fun (and in the case of that last one, we hope it still will be…). Here in the third episode of Peter Capaldi’s run in the lead role of “Doctor Who,” we have The Doctor meeting Robin Hood, and things are not as we thought. Ha, they are never what we think, with The Doctor. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Robot of Sherwood.”

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Doctor Who S08 E01: Deep Breath


Finally the wait is over. Several months after the end of the Matt Smith era back in “The Time of the Doctor,” the new era with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor begins. What kind of Doctor will he be? What kind of adventures will he have? It all begins with a great Jurassic roar over the streets of Victorian London, as we enter an exciting new chapter in the history of “Doctor Who.” Meet me after the jump for the first episode of Series Eight, “Deep Breath.”

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Biff Bam Pop’s Doctor Who Primer


Tomorrow night marks the world premiere of series eight of “Doctor Who.” It’s the show everyone is talking about, it’s purportedly the most watched television program on Earth, it’s cool to watch “Doctor Who.” But if you’re already a fan, you know all that. But what if you aren’t? If you are new to Who, #NewtoWHO as the hashtag for The Nerdist goes, here’s a handy guide to what you need to know to enjoy the big premiere tomorrow, after the jump.

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Doctor Who S07 E14: The Name of The Doctor

doc1The Doctor has many secrets, but not the least of them is his real name. Other than The Master and other Gallifreyans, few folks are aware of it. River Song knows it, and she’s back in tonight’s season finale. Will we at last learn “The Name of The Doctor”? Find out in my review, after the jump…

doc2The Impossible Girl

Did you hear that “squeeeee”? Yeah, that was me watching the pre-credit sequence of this episode. We see The First Doctor, yeah baby, William Hartnell, and his granddaughter stealing a faulty TARDIS on Gallifrey… before being stopped by Clara Oswald. Then it gets better.

Her voiceover claims she was made to save The Doctor, and then encounters the Colin Baker version, Tom Baker, then Sylvester McCoy, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, then finally Matt Smith, then the other shoe drops.

She says she entered the world on a leaf, the leaf that caused her parents to meet, fall in love, and have her. She’s the Impossible Girl who was born to save The Doctor. Roll credits. If the rest of the episode holds up to the opening, Steven Moffat, you are The Man.

doc3The Conference Call

Through the magic of dreams, ‘where time travel has always been possible,’ several old friends return in a magical unconscious conference call. Among them are Madam Vastra, Jenny, and Commander Strax (where’s our spin-off??!), as well as Professor River Song and Clara Oswald.

A murderer has traded his life for a secret to Vastra, one of The Doctor’s secrets. Unfortunately, new monsters, called The Whisper Men, attack the conference call and capture our Victorian London trio. Once again, Moffet has created couchworthy monsters.


Clara returns to The Doctor, relates the tale of a secret The Doctor will take to the grave, that is discovered, and of the place called Trenzalore. It upsets him greatly. Of course he’s upset. When you’re a time traveller, there is one place you must never go. Trenzalore is where The Doctor’s grave is. Whoa.

Hard to get there, as the TARDIS refuses to go, but eventually The Doctor and Clara arrive on Trenzalore. There, surprise surprise, the villain of the second half of season seven reveals himself, Dr. Simian, possessed by the Great Intelligence. He’s holding Vastra, Jenny, and Strax captive in the tomb of The Doctor.

doc5The Open Wound

Once inside the tomb, which is the TARDIS of course, albeit super-sized because all the paradoxes that make it bigger on the inside are broken, they encounter The Doctor’s corpse. It’s not a body, but an energy signature of all his trips through time, an open wound in the fabric of time itself.

The Great Intelligence, in a bid to destroy The Doctor once and for all, enters the wound, destroying all of The Doctors all at once, reversing all of his victories into defeats, and erasing The Doctor from history. If you’re following along, you know what happens next.

Yeah, enter the Impossible Girl. She counteracts the Great Intelligence at every turn, saving The Doctor as we’ve seen her do multiple times in different incarnations – and as we saw in the pre-credits scenes of this very episode.

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BGoodbyes and Hellos

Just when we thought even in death, River Song gets the short end of the stick, she gets a proper goodbye and a hot goodbye kiss, along with a juicy ‘spoilers’ line. Then The Doctor jumps into his own timeline after Clara. Yeah, crazy sumbitch thinks he’s going to save her.

That’s when things get bad. While The Doctor is looking for her, she keeps seeing ghosts of old Doctors. These visions, as well as those in the beginning, including colorized versions of the first two, are very well done by the way.

The Doctor finds her, inside his own time stream, haunted by ghosts of the past and the future. That’s when they encounter John Hurt, credited as The Doctor, and whom Matt Smith names as not acting in the name of The Doctor. Could this be another evil future incarnation of The Doctor, like The Valeyard referenced earlier this episode? Or could it be the incarnation who performed unspeakable acts in the Time War?  Time will tell.


The Doctor (perhaps several different ones) returns in November for the big 50th anniversary, and hopefully some answers… And if you can’t wait until then, you could always go see Star Trek. What’s that you say? You missed Noel (Mickey Smith) Clarke in Star Trek Into Darkness? You better get to the theater and see him, great flick!

Doctor Who S07 E11: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

doc1Last season, in Neil Gaiman’s writing debut on “Doctor Who,” we learned that his time and space machine, the TARDIS, was actually a she, and that she was in love with The Doctor. The episode was aptly, if creepily, titled “The Doctor’s Wife.”

This season we have seen the TARDIS take a positive dislike to new companion Clara Oswald. Could it be jealousy? Or something else altogether? In this week’s episode, with Clara trapped inside the damaged TARDIS, she, and we, might get the answers we’re looking for, or maybe not. Check out my recap and review of “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” after the jump…

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