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True Crime Corner: Jonestown


Sometimes things happen which both fascinate and terrify. While I heard about the horror that took place at Jonestown, it wasn’t until I listened to the heart wrenching audio recording of the tragedy did I really look into the events of November 18, 1978. In this edition of True Crime Corner – what befell the congregants of the Peoples Temple, led by the charismatic pastor Jim Jones?

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Leiki looks at the good and the bad of last night’s Emmy Awards

emmys-2015I love all awards show. That’s clear to anyone who knows me and anyone who has read this blog. The Oscars are the glamourous cream of the crop. Best of the best. But the Emmy’s feel like a reunion with all the friends who come into your living room each day. Hello old friends! It’s a fun game to see who wins, but to me it just seems like a fantastic party. The more the merrier. Where were you, Bill Murray, that you couldn’t accept your award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Movie or Miniseries? You would make a great party greater. Read the rest of this entry

Game of Thrones S05 E10: Mother’s Mercy

Not a whole lot of mercy to be had as our season finale of “Game of Thrones” proves George R.R. Martin’s story framework still rules, major (and I mean major) characters fall, and ten million teenage girls cry themselves to sleep.  Let’s discuss, after the break.

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Game of Thrones S05 E05: Kill the Boy

mysty dragon

We’ve reached the midway point of season five of “Game of Thrones,” and fittingly some very important characters make some very important decisions that have kingdoms hanging in the balance. We also get some some dark Bolton family history, a reminder of what makes the North great, and find out exactly what boy needs to die in an excellently focused, extremely tense and foreboding episode five. Find out more after the break.

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Game of Thrones S05 E02: The House of Black and White

Arya on Steps

This week we catch up with some characters missing from episode one of “Game of Thrones,” someone gives herself a big promotion, some characters reunite, and we learn that sometimes the right thing to do is wrong in so many ways. Find out more after the break.

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Interview with David Alpay of The Lottery


This Sunday, July 20, Lifetime debuts a daring new series about a world where mankind is slowly going extinct, because women have become infertile – it’s called “The Lottery.” In this shadowy near future world, one hundred embryos have been created, and the decision has to be made as to who will carry them, and thus the suspenseful drama begins.

Biff Bam Pop! had the opportunity to speak with one of the stars of “The Lottery,” Toronto actor David Alpay. Check out our interview with David after the jump.

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American Horror Story: Coven S03 E11: Protect the Coven

Zoe & Kyle

Last week’s episode was definitely a magical delight with the special appearance of the White Witch herself, Stevie Nicks. But while Stevie treated us to a serving, although rather small, sampling of her songs, Madison, Fiona and Marie Laveau were serving up their own songs of betrayal and murder. The witches have a war on their hands with the Delphi Corporation. Nan is dead and Misty is stuck in the grave? What happens next? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Ray Donovan on Showtime

ray1This time of year may not be specifically the start of a new TV season, but with hundreds of channels available and new series ending their runs, summer offers up several new series. Among them, “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,” “True Blood,” “Under the Dome,” “The Bridge,” and one that I got a sneak peek of – “Ray Donovan.” Check out my review of the pilot, after the jump.

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Guest Blogger Leiki – A Take On The Emmys

Biff Bam Pop reader and occasional contributor Leiki caught Sunday nights Emmy Awards from Australia, where she’s currently working on a new film. Here’s her take on television’s most glamorous night…or is it?
Award shows are pretty similar to each other.  The Oscars are the biggest, and the Globes have an open bar, but otherwise, there’s a lot of the same stuff.  Same red carpet questions, same people, same speeches.  Critics of award shows think they should be spectacular and every review has this underwhelmed meh to it, but it’s designed to give out a large number of awards.  There’s less room for funny in that task than you might think.  At the Emmys Sunday night, when the last speech was played off with music, even host Jimmy Kimmel sputtered at the crowd’s negative reaction, “you guys want to stay for another hour?”  But the funny that does happen, sticks out.  More on this in a moment.

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Watch With Amanda: 2012 Emmy Nominations Highlights and Lowlights

The nominations have been announced for the 64th annual Primetime Emmy awards. Read on for the full list and my thoughts on the highlights and the lowlights of the nominations.

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