Leiki looks at the good and the bad of last night’s Emmy Awards

emmys-2015I love all awards show. That’s clear to anyone who knows me and anyone who has read this blog. The Oscars are the glamourous cream of the crop. Best of the best. But the Emmy’s feel like a reunion with all the friends who come into your living room each day. Hello old friends! It’s a fun game to see who wins, but to me it just seems like a fantastic party. The more the merrier. Where were you, Bill Murray, that you couldn’t accept your award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Movie or Miniseries? You would make a great party greater.

But more than a great party are the nominees who don’t take themselves too seriously. The ones that made me and the audience laugh the most were Ricky Gervais and Amy Poehler. Not surprisingly, former Golden Globe hosts. And maybe (hopefully?) future Emmy ones. Together, even? Tina is busy and seems to have moved past it, but Amy and Ricky would be brilliant foils for each other. Former SNL’er Andy Samberg, this year’s host, did a good job. Not a bad job, not an outstanding job. He’s good in that he kept trying to be funny even when some jokes fell flat. And when they did, he didn’t flinch.

The thing that I was personally offended by was an endless montage of the final episodes of shows. Every death, every outcome, every love match, exposed. I’m not oblivious to the fact that those shows are now over, but it’s unlikely that everyone has seen each one. If there was one you were waiting to binge watch, I hope you didn’t catch how the biggest moment of the entire series was revealed. Who came up with that idea? Worst idea ever.

Aside from that, there was some great features. What they got right this year?

The opening monologue guest appearance by Jane Lynch. Can’t get enough of her.

The In Memoriam section. I’m nervous they’re going to think it takes up too much time in the broadcast and publish names like speedy end credits. Whenever that is done with it’s usual grace and tact, I’m grateful.

The overwhelming winners, pushing the shows I’m not watching (“Game of Thrones”, “Olive Kittredge” and “Veep”) to the top of my watch list.

Tracy Morgan. One of the funniest people making his first official appearance after his accident more than a year ago as the evening’s final presenter. He got a standing ovation and his speech was the perfect balance of heartfelt gratitude and reflection with punctuated humour.

TIFF has launched some tasty Oscar bait, which means the countdown to the 88th Oscars (Feb. 28th, 2016) is on.

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