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Gilbert Reviews Edwin Herbert’s Historical Mystery: ‘Mythos Christos’


I was offered a chance to read and review a novel written by Edwin Herbert. The write-up that his publicist sent was quite intriguing and something that was definitely up my alley: Vatican conspiracies, history, mystery, and adventure. Edwin Herbert is president of his local free thought society and has been a regular op-ed newspaper columnist on topics concerning science, skepticism, and the mythical roots of various religions. Mythos Christos is his debut novel. Meet me after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Zhen Lyu’s Intruders


I love working for Biff Bam Pop because not only do I get to interview some really cool people, I also get to review films and television series. This time, our fearless leader, Andy Burns, asked me to review Zhen Lyu’s science fiction book, Intruders. It was an interesting read, but would the book make a great gift idea? Pull up that easy chair and meet me after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Ward Anderson’s I’ll Be Here All Week


Not often do I find a book that grabs me, pulls me in, and entertains me for the entire length I read. It is even more rare that I find a book that I will find hard to put down and read straight through. I’ll Be Here All Week by Ward Anderson, a look into the world of stand up comedy, is one of those books – funny, entertaining, honest, dark, and fun. Check out my review after the jump.

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013–Every House Is Haunted By Ian Rogers

It’s the holiday season. It’s cold outside and the snow has piled up as high as the windowsill. Dinner has been finished, the table and plates cleaned, and, as the streetlights flicker on, you realize it’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch, under blankets, with a hot cup of black tea or Bailey’s-spiked coffee or dark hot chocolate, within arms reach. In your free hands is the perfect book for reading at this very moment in time.

The winter holidays, for all of their inherent joy and merriment, are also perfect days for the more mysterious, twisted and frightening sides of life. There’s a great heritage to holiday-based, horror-themed, story telling and reading. As you wrap yourself within the warm confines of your safe abode, it takes the collected short stories of author Ian Rogers to remind us that Every House Is Haunted.

Follow me after the jump and I’ll tell you about the gift you need to give (or give to yourself) this holiday season!

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Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary Is Great For A Growing Trekkie (or Trekker)

How do you make sense of more than 45 years of interstellar history, hundreds of alien races, spaceships, and crew members across various fleets of star crafts?

Visually, my friend, visually.


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The History Of A Universe – Marvel Comics: The Untold Story Reviewed

Otto Von Bismark is renowned to have said that people who respect the law and like sausage should never watch either being made.

After reading Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, I think we can add comics to that list.

I’m fairly familiar with comics history.  I’m a fan of the subject, and was around for a number of sequences outlined in this history.  But Howe’s book gathers the entire history of Marvel for one engaging ride.

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My First Guitar – Tales of True Love and Lost Chords Reviewed

If you’re a guitar player, or if you’ve ever owned or purchased a guitar, you have a story.  There’s something romantic about owning a guitar and especially about your very first guitar.  It’s kind of equivalent to never forgetting your first kiss.

Julia Crowe captures this feeling beautifully in My First Guitar (published this month by ECW Press). A well-known guitarist herself, Crowe has written numerous columns and feature articles for several international guitar magazines, so she knows her way around a six-string.

Find out more about the book after the jump!
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