Gilbert Speaks on Tim Marczenko’s ‘Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings’

There are those of us that can see and hear the unseen, know that there are hidden entities preying on we mortals. We give them names: Boogeyman, ghosts, monsters…but what if these creatures also know our names. How do we defend ourselves?

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings

As a psychic/medium who has seen and heard the dead since early childhood, I was excited to read Tim Marczenko’s book, from Schiffer Publishing, on the true accounts of hidden beings. Marczenko begins with his own encounter with a disembodied voice at the age of twelve. This voice calling out from the forest that surrounded his home, knew his name. It imitated his father’s voice. It coaxed the young Marczenko to enter the forest. “Come here. I found something.”

Luckily for the author, his internal warning system possibly saved his life. Marczenko had somehow instinctively known that the voice belonged to some evil entity. This singular event haunted Tim Marczenko until he began to research the phenomenon of hidden beings. His book is a collection of true accounts gathered from around the world of similar encounters. I would suggest you buy the book and read it and remember…what you think of…thinks of you.


Tim Marczenko is a Canadian writer who is on the trail of monsters and strange phenomena. He travels around with a ratty notepad and a healthy skepticism, asking the questions that many dare not ask. When he’s not lying awake, bug-eyed with anticipation of his next adventure, he’s out enjoying a hike or a canoe trip. He resides in Ontario with his family and hopes that his work will enlighten the readers now and long after he is dead.

Gilbert: Tim, I loved this book and immediately felt a kinship with your work because of my own experience with the paranormal. How did you go about gathering all the documented encounters for your book? Did people contact you with their experiences?

Tim Marczenko: I gathered the documented encounters in a variety of ways. If you’re referring to the more recent accounts, most of the stories I found online. Then I would do my best to track down the individual and ask if they were willing to speak to me about it in more detail. Some were very helpful, others were not.

Gilbert: Were you at any time afraid that writing this book would open the door to more visitations from other disembodied spirits?

Tim Marczenko: Sort of, but in a way, I knew it would be unlikely. This book was meant to give some finality to the matter, since I gave so much power to this incident without much reason. In a way, it worked and in a way it didn’t. Now these beings come at you in more subtle ways these days, for example messing with my files, manuscript, etc…

Gilbert: Do you feel that you have sent your monster, the Nishi, scurrying for cover because you had the courage to write this book…or do you worry that it might return when your guard is down?

Tim Marczenko: No, not at all. We have to remember that whatever these things are, they have been here for much longer than we have. Knowing a bit more about what we’re dealing with will help, but we can’t forget that they are more powerful than us. Even with our guards up, we are still vulnerable. At the same time, it felt good to shed some light on the identities of these things that so often work under the cover of darkness. It was nice to expose it. Call out its name, as it had done to so many others for time immemorial.

Gilbert: What are you working on now?

Tim Marczenko: I’m working on another non-fiction book about mysterious disappearances, unexplained death and unidentified human remains in Ontario. I will attempt to throw some light on the missing person problem. Lots of grueling research and sleepless nights…. But that’s nothing new.

You can order Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings here.

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