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The Flash S02 E10: Potential Energy


When last we left “The Flash,” the West extended family was welcoming Wally into their home for the holidays, and the Harrison Wells of Earth-Two was secretly working with Zoom to steal our hero’s speed and/or kill him. And if that good news/bad news isn’t enough, in this episode the Flash faces the newly revamped television version of a Flash super-villain who dates back to the Golden Age of comics – the Turtle! Meet me after the super speed jump for my thoughts on “Potential Energy.”

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The Librarians S02 Epo6: The Infernal Contract


In this week’s episode of “The Librarians” we learn that some people escaped reading Faust in high school and/or college, and that if you want to be a successful politician, you probably have to make a deal with the devil.

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Luke Sneyd On… Battlestar Galactica

It begins with an act of war. Years ago, humanity and the Cylons fought a destructive war to a draw, so the Cylons withdrew. For forty years, nobody heard a peep from them, this rebellious robot race that humans had created. Each year, the armistice dictated they would meet at a distant outpost, a lonely space station hanging in the void. Each year, humans sent a representative, and the Cylons never showed. As the pilot to the brilliant reboot of Battlestar Galactica begins, a military attaché finds himself nodding off, probably for the tenth year running, sitting at a desk contemplating the empty hallway where the Cylons have again failed to appear. He glances at a folder of specs, centurion designs, the robot soldiers familiar to viewers of the original 1978 series. With a pneumatic whoosh and a clang, the far door opens. The startled attaché stares agog as two strange new centurions march into view, forbidding machine-guns protruding from their fists. They come to attention and the guns transform into only slightly less disturbing long fingered hands. But they’re not the strangest sight. For what comes through the door next is a beautiful human woman, in a captivating red dress suit. She draws uncomfortably close, studying him intently, and asks “are you alive?” “Yes,” he says breathlessly. “Prove it,” she demands, coming in close and they kiss. Outside, the station is engulfed in the titanic shadow of a Cylon base star, a missile arcing toward it and exploding. As she kisses the now terrified man, she says “it has begun.” The deadly hook is baited, and we’re plunged into the genocidal hell of Battlestar, in my book right up there with The Wire for one of the best series of the 2000s.

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Doctor Who S09 E07: The Zygon Invasion


The Zygons are back, terrible whispering and shape-shifting “Doctor Who” monsters who make Whovians new and old hide behind their sofas, and this time, they’re playing for keeps. What can The Doctor and Clara, and the returning Osgood (!) do to stop them from destroying the human race this time? Meet me after the time and space jump for my thoughts on “The Zygon Invasion!”

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S02 E14: Love in the Time of Hydra


When a vast espionage organization like S.H.I.E.L.D. is fragmented from within, as they were when Hydra revealed themselves in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there can be many splinter groups. Just because the former leader Nick Fury hands you the keys and says you’re in charge, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Poor Agent Coulson. Meet the new S.H.I.E.L.D., watch Ward and Agent 33 going steady as a bonus, and see my thoughts on “Love in the Time of Hydra” after the jump.

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Tales from the Table Top Battlefront – Battlestar Galactica

“Sometimes you have to roll a hard six,” Admiral Adama, BSG 75


Last Friday, we pulled out an old reliable favourite, Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. Published back in 2008, this sci-fi themed game does an amazing job of capturing the flavour and intensity of the TV show. We’re not talking about the 1970s original series, but rather the 2004 reboot which brought a grim and grittier tone with it. It also brought along a new type of Cylon robot, one that was designed to mimic a human and to infiltrate.

We played a seven player game with one Cylon leader, two Cylons, and four humans. One of our more experienced gamers played the role of the Cylon leader, while the rest of us started to pick our character cards. There were two newbies who had never played the game, but were familiar with the Battlestar Galactica franchise.
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Watch With Amanda: Battlestar Galactica Prequel, New Netflix Series, Casting News

Sorry Battlestar Glactica fans… Syfy has decided not to go forward with the prequel Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as a regular TV series, reports Deadline.  Just this past weekend, an unofficial trailer screened at WonderCon causing a fan frenzy, but the project will not be moving forward – at least as a TV series. Although the network has passed on the project as a regular series on television they are still looking to do it as a digital one.  Syfy President Mark Stern said in a statement, “We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen. The 90-minute pilot movie will air on Syfy in its entirety at a future date.”  The network announced in October 2010 the pickup of the two-hour pilot, which follows the early years of William Adama (played by Skins‘ Luke Pasqualino).  CLICK HERE to watch the trailer that was screened at Wondercon.

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Giveaway!!! Win A Frakin’ Copy of Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series on DVD in Day 16 of Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide

The greatest science fiction series in television history? So say well all! Well, at least a lot of us. There’s no question that the mid-2000’s reboot of Battlestar Galactica came with a lot baggage. What’s amazing is just well it blew up that baggage and created a timely and inventive mythos that resonated with both new fans and those sceptical devotees to Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict.

Not only did the series come with spectacular storylines, covering everything from elections and terrorism to free will, it had a remarkable cast that consistently delivered the goods, from Edward James Olmos’ Adama and Mary McDonnell’s President Laura Roslin to Tricia Helfer’s sexy Six and Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck. Compelling, moving and endlessly rewatchable, Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series is the perfect holiday gift for the sci-fi geek in your life.

You can order it online from here. Or you can enter our contest to win The Complete Series on DVD from us.

How to enter the Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series On DVD Holiday Gift Giveaway:

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